Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture

Work of Leroy Campbell


Leroy Campbell was born in Monck’s Corner, South Carolina in 1956 and spent his childhood there. As a young man he moved to New York City where he submerged himself in the culture of the city, Jazz and the Black consciousness movement. He never strayed far from his southern roots, however, and it was his experiences growing up in the south that nourishes the work of this gifted self-taught artist. Campbell’s work articulates a cogent and consistent vision of the heart, soul and strivings of African Americans in the South.

During the visit, Campbell participated in intimate talks about his travels in the Gullah region of South Carolina and how they influenced and inspired the series. The Newspaper Series features news print as its most dominant feature and exhibits a timeline of historic African American newspaper articles that date from slavery to the civil rights period. The collection serves as a combination of culture, education, fine art, and documentation all collaged on canvas and visitors are encouraged to come learn about the Gullah people’s African folk beliefs and rich traditions surrounding their use of newspaper and quilts.