Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture

From Where I Stand:


From Where I Stand: Art by and/or about the Black LGBTQ Community honors Black LGBTQ visionaries (and other cultural producers) who speak up and speak out through art.

The two-part exhibit, on view at Duke University's Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity and the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture, includes images drawn from books, film posters, and music that have focused on Black LGBTQ experiences.  To view the collection in its entirety, visit the exhibit in both centers.

Marked by varying degrees of €œout€ visibility, the included works reference the broad diversity of Black LGBTQ representation, past and present.  While the images on view are by no means exhaustive, they reflect the shifting representation (and increasing visibility) of Black LGBTQ narratives in late 20th and early 21st century American culture.​