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National Unrest Emergency Resources

National Unrest Emergency Resources, Mary Lou Logo, Orange and Purple lines

We know that some in our community are struggling and our hearts go out to you. We will not be issuing a formal statement, rather we will offer resources as our statement of empowerment believing in our capacity to be the change or the catalyst of change that we seek in our community. We are grateful for the opportunity to hold space, facilitate trainings and conversations, offer counsel and demonstrate our belief in life. On this page, please find the resources related to the current national emergency surrounding civil unrest. In addition, we offer a list of Resources for Black Healing, shared with us during a virtual national Black Cultural Centers Town hall we co-convened on June 3, 2020 prepared by another colleague at a different institution. Know that we are happy to receive additional resources and may update our list as we do.  

Keep hope alive!

Chandra Guinn for Team Mary Lou (Quinton Smith, Brie Starks and Roslyn Mickens)

Remember ...

Self-care is not only a form of self-love, it is a form of resistance. Living and surviving in the midst of scrutiny and violence is a radical act. Intentionally caring for your well-being, and making attempts to love yourself despite insults and dangers against your being is a radical act.


Resources in Light of Civil Unrest

Resources for Black Healing