Muslim Life at Duke

About Us

The Center for Muslim Life (CML) at Duke is committed to enriching the lives of Muslim and non Muslim students and the campus as a whole through events and activities that cater to spiritual, social, and intellectual needs. Through the combined efforts of the Center Staff; which includes an Office Coordinator, Student Development Coordinator, and Muslim Chaplain the CML provides a welcoming home to a diverse ethnic, racial and cultural Muslim community at Duke.

In addition to programming that deals with issues in the Muslim communities, the CML organizes a variety of activities and events related to interfaith, community service and social activism which allow students to discuss issues related to faith, peace, compassion and understanding in a warm and enriching setting. These events and activities are open to all members of the Duke community as well as the Triangle community.

The CML also provides a home a way from home for many students including the very active Muslim Student Association, the Muslim Graduate Student Association and others. This home away from home however is not just for students apart of these organizations. The Center is open for all students; whether or not they are Muslim. 

Through its services and efforts, The Center for Muslim Life at Duke plays a vital role in Duke’s commitment to providing a quality educational experience to students of all faith traditions.