Center for Muslim Life

Covid-19 Message from Chaplain

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful. 

As I begin with these names and attributes of God, some people of faith may be triggered. Where is God's Compassion and Mercy now? Millions of people are suffering. Tens of thousands are dying. If God is in control, where is this mercy and compassion? This will always be a legitimate question. One that people struggled with before us and a question that will probably be asked long after COVID-19 has passed. I don't have the golden answer. However, I thought I could at least share my thoughts as I struggle with the question.

I will let the School of Divinity handle the complicated discussion of how mankind's free-will intersects with God's divine plan. Personally, what I try to control is my thoughts. I try to remain positive. I struggle to find silver linings when all I see is dark clouds in the horizon. It is a continuous, ongoing, lifelong exercise. And as with anything we do consistently, we get better at it. And with any exercise, we eventually get stronger. Muscles do not grow without strain, resistance and struggle. So how does one grow the spiritual muscle of faith?  Our faith in God cannot grow, it will not grow, until it is strained and tested. 

So we pray for all those who are being tested. Some of us have lost loved ones. Some of us have lost our jobs. Some of us have lost our patience. Let us all pray we do not lose our faith. Let our faith grow stronger during this difficult time so that it will remain strong in times of ease. What is the silver lining in this dark cloud of COVD-19? We learn to appreciate what we have before it is gone. Let's appreciate our family and loved ones. Let's appreciate our ability to travel. Lets us appreciate our freedom to move and to choose. Let us pray these gifts are not taken from us for before we thank God for having them. 

So I thank God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, for all the first responders who are working so hard to keep us alive, safe, and well. Thank God for the cleaning staff, factory workers, farmworkers, food workers, and so many more that go unnoticed and are not thanked enough. Thank You for the neighbors who are helping those in need. Thank You for family members who are calling to check on us. Thank You for friends who are helping us stay socially connected while we are physically distant. THANK YOU.

Remove this trial from us and replace it with increased faith in You. Ameen!