Center for Muslim Life

Reserving the Center


If you are interested in reserving the Center for Muslim Life space for your next event, please read the Reservation and Rental Policy Agreement below.

  1. Reservations will be held on a first come, first served basis.
  2. There is no fee at this time to reserve or rent the facility.
  3. Reservations made less than sixty days in advance are permitted, provided the facility is not already reserved.
  4. There is no cleaning deposit. However, we ask that the facility is as clean returned as it was received.
  5. There is no rental fee for use of chairs, tables, or supplies. Again, we ask that you respect the Center for Muslim Life.
  6. Reservation times are both inclusive and explicit. The times reserved must include set-up and clean up by the user/group.
  7. The Center for Muslim Life is a smoke free facility
  8. The Center for Muslim Life is fully accessible to disabled persons. 
  9. The Center includes religious spaces along with sacred items. All users are requested to be respectful to the space and its items.
  10. Due to limited space, the Center for Muslim Life does not store items for any event.
  11. The user/group is responsible for the facility, any equipment, room damage, theft, or lack of maintenance. A certificate of insurance may be required.
  12. The Center for Muslim Life staff must approve all decorations in advance; candles, confetti, and crepe paper may not be used.
  13. Each group must accept the facility as-is, and leave the facility as it was found.
  14. The Center for Muslim Life cannot be accountable for any materials left following any event.
  15. Events may be held outside normal business hours, provided facility is not already reserved.
  16. Security is available at an hourly rate per officer, and should be arranged at least two weeks prior to the event. Contact Duke Police directly at 684-4115 or 684-2444.
  17. No furniture, tables, or chairs are to be removed, or taken outside of the building without prior permission.
  18. Parking is available in the Center for Muslim Life gravel parking lot on Swift Avenue, including handicapped parking. Parking is also available on Hull St. gravel parking lot on the right of the Center looking at the facility from Swift Ave.
  19. The Center for Muslim Life has its own alarm system and doors on a computerized lock system.
  20. The Center for Muslim Life is completely locked and not accessible for entry after 10:00PM.
  21. The Center for Muslim Life is reserved at user's own risk. Any equipment or property damage as a result of the user's event will be the sole responsibility of the user/group.
  22. Users/groups will be given specific instructions on how and when to enter the building.

CML Reservation and Rental Policy Acceptance:

I have read and accept the terms set forth in the Center for Muslim Life at Duke Reservation and Rental Policy and Procedures. I have read the CML Policy and agree that all persons in my group will comply. I will be responsible for ensuring that the facility/space(s) used by my group will be left in the same condition they were found and that the room will be cleared at the agreed upon time. I understand that failure to comply with any of the above items could result in a fee and forfeit future facility usages. I agree to be responsible for any damage done to the Center for Muslim Life at Duke and its contents during our event and will report such damage to CML staff. CML events take precedence and may result in the rescheduling of previously reserved time slots, although every effort will be made to avoid conflicts.

Click here if you agree with the above guidelines and to complete the reservation form.