Center for Muslim Life


The Muslim Student Association at Duke University is the premier Muslim students group on campus and plays a central role in bringing the Duke Muslim community together. The association plans religious, social, political, and cultural activities related to Islam as a religion and various Muslim cultures as a people. In addition, the MSA is a resource for all who are interested in Islam and the Muslim world.

For the past few years, the MSA has grown to be one of the most dynamic student groups on campus. Its signature events – Campus Wide Fast during Ramadan and Islamic Awareness Month – attract hundreds of students, faculty, staff and members of the Duke community every year. Along with the events and activities related to Islam, the MSA provides a wonderful social outlet for members of the Muslim community to regularly hang out with each other and enjoy their free-time together.

To find out about all the events and activities that the MSA sponsors, organizes and hosts, sign up to the MSA email listserv. You can do this by contacting any MSA executive board member, or through the MSA or through Duke’s Mailing List Manager.

Weekly MSA Gatherings


Every Friday, the MSA students hang out either at the Center for Muslim Life or at a restaurant or at a fun place like Frankie’s. These gatherings are open to anyone and form the cornerstone of the MSA experience on campus. On some days, discussions are held on various intellectual, social and spiritual topics. On others, students simply have fun. MSA Friday outings are a great way for Muslim students to meet and socialize with fellow Muslim students at Duke. The whole purpose of these get-togethers is to provide a safe, comfortable, accepting social atmosphere for students to distress after a week of studying and rejuvenate for the week to come. Look out for MSA emails for the time and location of MSA weekly gatherings.  

Weekly MSA Executive Board Meetings

The MSA holds its weekly executive board meetings in the Muslim Center. These meetings are aimed at discussing issues pertaining to the Muslim community on campus, figuring out new ideas for events, and hammering out the logistics for upcoming events. Anyone interested in planning events related with the MSA or to be more involved in the decision-making process is welcome to attend. Come to these meetings to have your brilliant ideas heard!