Office of the Vice President

A Message from the Vice President


Student Affairs at Duke comprises a wide array of programs and services many directed at all members of the Duke and visiting communities but most focused at our primary constituency, our students. As you peruse our web pages and scan our organizational chart, you'll see that we house and feed, heal and counsel, welcome incoming students and support their post-graduate achievement. We support everyone's activities and event planning, serve summer constituencies as well as our traditional academic year populations. We address issues of race, gender, religion and sexual orientation and partner with virtually every unit, department and corner of the campus (and soon, in China, too!).

Our staff include many of the most talented people with whom I've ever worked. Their dedication to their roles, whether directly serving students, or in many other domains, is unparalleled and gives new meaning to the term excellence. Yet, we are never satisfied and believe wholeheartedly in persistent and continued improvement. Our strategic plan, featuring short and long term goals and objectives, is dynamic with frequent updates to reflect the ever changing needs of our students and other populations. We live in a time of frequent change stimulated by emerging technologies, our global ambitions, the persistent diversification of our students (and of their interests), societal challenges and much more. Our work is ever changing and we are energized by student entrepreneurship, leadership and achievements.

We stand for the following principles:

  • Students are our priority but where we serve others, we do so with excellence
  • We support the unique needs of the varying identities and interests represented by our students and others. We actively work to eliminate bias and prejudice and celebrate our differences.
  • We support and enable student academic achievement
  • We act with integrity, openness and candor. We believe in transparency of goals and value
  • We are mindful of the resources entrusted to us and use them as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • We are evidence based in all we do

We are individuals and organizations.....we are Student Affairs...we are Duke!

Larry Moneta
Vice President for Student Affairs
Duke University