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About the Collaborative: 

Hi, it’s nice to meet you! The CLC Team has a storied history that dates all the way back to 2020. Even now, the reasons that brought us together still ring true. We are, and have always been, here to help you. Our team’s main goal is to enhance the work of Student Affairs through collaboration and creativity. We think that working creatively is extremely important, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We are here to support your growth, amplify your message, and serve as a launchpad to elevate your work into orbit.  

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Our Mission: 

We are possibility thinkers, talent developers, and creative strategists. We partner with you to tell the story of Student Affairs and foster a culture of team learning and continuous growth. We are here to cultivate collaboration and spark creativity. 

Who We Are:

We are storytellers, possibility thinkers, capacity builders, talent developers, resource architects, and creative strategists.  

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Click the expandable sections below to read more about our team. We used some fun resources to learn more about ourselves: 

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Adobe Creative Types
Bookmark Alignment Chart
Bookmark Types, found on LaughingSquid


Photo of Chris Roby and Graphic of Adobe Creative Type, the Adventurer
Chris Roby, The Adventurer


Job Title: Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, UCAE

What I really do: Support the CLC team as they work to advance the goals of the division and help tell the story of Student Affairs

Adobe Creative type: The Adventurer 

Bookmark type: Chaotic Good or Chaotic Evil

More about me: Like a cast iron skillet, I am a well-seasoned professional.

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Photo of Sophie Williams and a graphic of the adobe creative type, the thinker
Sophie Williams, The Thinker


Job Title: Director of Strategic Communications

What I really do: I guide communications strategy for Student Affairs, connect communicators across the division, and build partnerships with campus partners including University Communications and the Office of Undergraduate Education.

Adobe Creative type: The Thinker

Bookmark type: True neutral (obviously). Or (surprise!) chaotic neutral. Although leaves are less active bookmarks and more little presents to myself for later.

More about me: As you might guess from my line of work, I love words. I'm a grammar nerd and a fierce advocate of the Oxford comma and appropriate usage of semicolons. Outside of work, you can most often find me taking walks with my black lab Rembrandt, on my deck listening for owls, or with my nose in an art or poetry book. I am curious about everything, love the rain, and am a big fan of coffee.

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Photo of Kyle Fox and graphic of adobe creative type, the visionary
Kyle Fox, The Visionary


Job Title: Creative Director

What I really do: I provide creative direction for multimedia projects, manage our brand, and develop assets and resources that represent Student Affairs. I also serve as the design lead on projects and help ensure our projects meet the Duke brand standards while also being remarkable and meeting individual needs. I specialize in storytelling and bringing creative concepts to life. I'm also a photographer.

Adobe Creative type: The Visionary

Bookmark type: Chaotic Good: I'll use a bookmark, but I'm just as likely to use a playing card or any other piece of paper that's nearby. Is it creativity, or is it laziness? Does laziness inspire creativity as we seek to do things more efficiently? Think about it.

More about me: When I watch a movie it's likely that I lean over to tell my partner how much I like the title font combo or the color palette choice. So yeah, I'm pretty cool. Don't believe me? How about being really into D&D, pop culture, and monster movies? All of which I feel are huge creative resources that keep my imagination active. At home I have two kids and a great partner who also fuel my creativity as I illustrate children's books and over-produce birthday invitations. I have many more ideas than I have time to do them, which is probably why this roles excites me.

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Photo of Kristin LoBiondo Pfeiffer and graphic of adobe creative type, the innovator
Kristin LoBiondo Pfeiffer, The Innovator


Job title: Communications Specialist

What I really do: I support communication and continuous learning efforts by strategizing web and social media content, and build relationships across the division to align communication efforts. I run the Student Affairs social media accounts, and find any excuse to make an infographic to outline a process. 

Adobe Creative type: The Innovator

Bookmark type: Chaotic Good. Whatever I can find. 

More about me: Dogs are my favorite living thing. They are the perfect blend of silly and cuddly, needy and caring all at once. If you can't find me, I'm probably on the Plaza looking for Nugget, or at Puppy Kindergarten with hearts in my eyes. (My partner and I run a side dog-sitting business, we seriously can't get enough!) I also love bright and colorful organization, which you'll see in my chaotic-but-meticulous bullet journal/planner that I create from scratch each week. I'd like to think my life is like my bookmark type: chaotic good.

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Photo of Tom Wilson and graphic of adobe creative type, the dreamer
Tom Wilson, The Dreamer


Job title: Video Production Supervisor

What I really do: Audio/video production from concept to completion. Technical advisor for Small Town Records and Duke Student Broadcasting. I make things work to get the task or event done and successful. 

Adobe Creative type: The Dreamer

Bookmark type: Chaotic good.

More about me:  I've been working at Duke for 28+ years. I met my wife through a softball team that was comprised of audio-visual employees at Duke. We've been married 22 years and have an 18-year old son. Outside of work my hobbies include: my band Breakin The Law, a tribute to Judas Priest; restoring my 1930 Ford model A that's been in my family since the 1950s; a small group of friends and I enjoy tailgating and smoking meat whenever we get the chance. I also enjoy photography and playing golf.

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photo of tasha curry-corcoran and graphic of adobe creative type, the dramer
Tasha Curry-Corcoran, The Dreamer


Job title: Associate Director for Continuous Learning & Staff Development

What I really do: I guide professional development strategy for staff across the division. I create spaces for division staff to learn from each other and from our campus and community partners

Adobe Creative type: The Dreamer

Bookmark type: Chaotic Evil

More about me: I love finding ways both virtually and in-person to build community and make connections between people and ideas. I am the daughter and granddaughter of trailblazers, the mom of 2 teenage daughters, the wife of a fearless beekeeper, and the housemate of 1 adorable, but troublesome, beagle. At home you can find me trying new vegan recipes, planning my next escape to the beach, or singing songs from Hamilton.

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Photo of Tara Carty and graphic of adobe creative type, the innovator
Tara Carty, The Innovator


Job title: Assistant Director, Conference and Event Services

What I really do: Collaborate and assist wherever is needed. I love the hustle and lists that come with working in events, but I also don't mind digging into systems and processes. I work to be extremely thoughtful and intentional in my communications.

Adobe Creative type: The Innovator

Bookmark type: Lawful neutral

More about me: Outside of work, I love reading on my Kindle, listening to podcasts, and drinking an iced chai latte. I grew up in Michigan, but moved to North Carolina with my husband because: snow. I'll take walking the dog in 90-degree heat over the cold any day.

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Photo of Maria Maxell and graphic of adobe creative type, the maker
Maria Maxell, The Maker


Job title: Solutions Director, UCAE

What I really do: I obsess about process, strategy and solutions. I make sure a project gets done.

Adobe Creative type: The Maker

Bookmark type: True Neutral

More about me: I have a passion for innovation and educational technology. I am a fierce advocate for disability rights. I am from Texas, but lived in Boston for 11 years so I have a very confusing accent. Hockey is my jam.

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Aviv, The Thinker
Aviv Sheetrit, The Thinker


Job Title: Associate Director for External Relations, Jewish Life at Duke

What I really do: As a communications“pinch hitter” on the CLC team, I spend a lot of my time writing. On a given day, you can find me drafting messages and web content, creating presentations, or working on special projects to support the work of the division and VP McMahon. In my role at Jewish Life at Duke, I manage fundraising operations as well as donor and alumni relations.

Adobe Creative type: The Thinker

Bookmark type: Lawful Neutral with my library eBooks & Chaotic Good with the real books I have proper bookmarks but find myself reaching for receipts or clothing tags instead.

More about me: I am always listening to a podcast or an audio book, I love all things social psychology, I’ve started growing vegetables on my back porch and get ridiculously excited when I see baby tomatoes growing, and I’m a hobby potter –mostly wheel-thrown ceramics.


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What We Do: 

We tell the story of Student Affairs, amplify your story, and foster a culture of collaborative, continuous learning. We do this by partnering with you to cultivate your ideas, to encourage a culture of team learning, and to spark creativity.

Why We Do What We Do: 

Besides the fame, we do this work because we believe that collaboration and creativity are important. Our purpose is to advance the mission and priorities of Student Affairs by building the skills and collective capability of the Student Affairs team. We are invested in telling the story of Student Affairs and sharing the fruits of the Division’s work. We want to break down silos and invite everyone to the table as we think creatively and carry the light forward.  

How We Do What We Do:  

Say it with us: collaboratively! We partner with Student Affairs team members to discover creative solutions, craft stories, and create assets. We help departments develop strategies and tactics to address gaps and needs for key competency development. Most importantly, we support the Division’s collaborative spirit and creative spark.  


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