Office of the Vice President

Task Forces and Committees

Duke University Student Affairs
2014-15 Task Forces and Committees

Resiliency Intervention Sub-Committee
Sponsor: Larry Moneta
Charge: To develop ideas for influencing change that will promote the values and variables noted in the Duke Resiliency Project. Specifically, this group will familiarize themselves with the goals of You@Duke and review relevant literature associated with those goals. Over the course of the fall semester of 2014, proposals will be developed for consideration by Student Affairs Senior Leadership that would enhance undergraduate student life per the aims of the Resiliency Project.

Co-Chairs: Deb LoBiondo and Heather Smith
Timelines: Report issues by Dec 15, 2014
Membership: Deb LoBiondo, Heather Smith, Leslie Barnes, Bruce Puckett (Rel Life), Lupita McMillian (Pratt), Amy Powell, Gary Glass, Hallie Knuffman (Bass Conn), Kim McCrae, Liraz Cohen, Anna Li, Cindy Broderius, Baishakhi Taylor, Brian Halstater

Sexual Misconduct Task Force
Sponsors: Larry Moneta, Zoila Airall & Sue Wasiolek
Charge: To review and make recommendations regarding all policies and practices related to prevention and intervention of sexual misconduct involving undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

Co-Chairs: Larry Moneta, Zoila Airall
Timelines: Two meetings per semester; ongoing
Membership: Zoila Airall, Janie Long, Beth Fox, Jeff Kulley, John Dailey, Li-Chen Chin, Sheila Broderick, Stephanie Helms-Pickett, Therisa Arico (SANE Nurse), Tom Szigethy, Leslie Grinage, GEO rep (TBD), Christine Pesetski, Cleo Estrera, Jessica Lewis (Nicholas grad student), Jesica Emig, Leirya Lankamp (Army ROTC), Nicole Forlan (Nursing student), Kristi Rodriguez (Nursing), Lavanya Sunder (DSG), Keizra Mecklai (DSG), Medha Gudavalli, Andrew Van Horn Ruoss (GPSC), Susan Pratt (GEO)

Bias Response Team
Sponsors: Larry Moneta and Zoila Airall
Charge: To advise the Vice President for Student Affairs in response to a bias related incident and to review patterns of bias related behaviors and make recommendations for actions that will enhance campus climate and reduce such incidents.

Co-Chairs: LB Bergene and Linda Capers
Timelines: Two meetings per semester plus ad hoc meetings to be convened in response to a bias related incident
Membership: Chandra Guinn, LB Bergene, Nick Antonicci, Valerie Glassman, Suen Olamosu, Adeel Zeb, John Blackshear, A Y Bryant, Deona Hatley, Chris Heltne, Anita Stockmans

Risk Analysis
Sponsor: Caroline Nisbet
Charge: To review all divisional risks associated with Student Affairs policies and practices and bring forward to Senior Leadership recommendations for actions to mitigate those risks. Ares of focus will include (but not be limited to) IT, compliance, fiscal, human resources, and vehicular risks. Bi-annually, this group shall also conduct a student-related risk audit and analysis which will yield a ‘heat-map’ for consideration

Chair: Caroline Nisbet with support from Tim Bounds
Timelines: Two meetings per semester; sub-committee to be formed in the year when the student risk analysis is required
Membership: Caroline Nisbet, Jordan Hale, Anne Lyford, Sean Palmer, Caitlin Shaw, Tim Bounds, Brian Crews

Leadership Educators Collaborative
Sponsors: Zoila Airall and Chris Roby

  • To contribute to deeper leadership learning and practice through teaching, learning, reflection and assessment
  • To explore partnerships that enhance the practice of leadership on campus, including an interdisciplinary campus-wide comprehensive leadership program
  • To be teachers and learners, sharing resources and seeking connection across curricular and co-curricular leadership learning and experience on campus

Conveners: Deb Hackney and Center staff
Timelines: Once a month meeting during the school year; ongoing
Membership: Open to all those who teach or facilitate leadership learning across Duke University through curricular and co-curricular pursuits in order to advance undergraduate student leadership development on campus and beyond. Current membership: Deborah Hackney, Irina Adams, Duke Engage, Betsy Alden, Program in Education, Franca Alphin, Rec and PE, Paris Andrew, TIP, Nick Antonicci, Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, Leslie Barnes, Student Athlete Development, Athletics, Lou Brown, Kenan Institute for Ethics, Tony Brown, Hart Leadership Program, Melanie Burkett, Trinity College, Jenette Wood Crowley, B.N. Duke Scholars Program, Emily Durham, Duke Engage, Christian Ferney, Kenan Institute for Ethics, Gary Glass, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Megan Granda, Duke Center for Civic Engagement, George Grody, Markets and Management, Deborah Hackney, University Center Leadership Development and Social Action, Jenn Handel, Freeman Center, Deona Hatley, Housing, Dining and Residence Life (HDRL), Chris Heltne, Student Affairs Communications, Steve Hicks, Neil Hoefs, Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership, Adam Hollowell, Duke Chapel, Sanghee Jeong, International House, Deb Johnson, Undergraduate Education, Greg Jones, Divinity School and Faith & Leadership, Maddie Jothimurugesan, Girija Mahajan, Community Service Center, Maralis Mercado, Wellness Center, Sam Miglarese, Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership, Brittany O’Malley, Wellness Center, Stacy Peterson, Stephanie Helms Pickett, Program in Education and Student Affairs, David Pittman, UCAE Student Life, Domonique Redmond, Community Service Center, Colleen Scott, Baldwin Scholars Program, Caitlin Shaw, University Center Student Involvement, Sanyin Siang, Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership and Ethics (COLE), Sim Sitkin, Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership and Ethics (COLE), Heather Smith, University Center Leadership Development and Social Action, Nikki Smith, Career Center, Jessie Stellini, Housing, Dining Residence Life (HDRL), Cole Taylor, Assessment and Professional Development, Student Affairs, Kristin Wright, Service-Learning, To Be Named, Roberston Scholars Program

Hazing Group
Sponsors: Zoila Airall and Sue Wasiolek
Charge: To review best practices in hazing prevention and advise Student Affairs Senior Leadership of policies and practices that would best advance Duke’s commitment to preventing hazing by and of students; to recommend program initiatives and advise any specific efforts hosted by departments or the division in concert with relevant partner organizations; to coordinate and host an annual Hazing Awareness Week

Chair: Clarybel Peguero
Timelines: Meet twice per semester and ad hoc as necessary, particularly in response to a hazing incident
Membership: Clarybel Peguero, Jean Hanson, One from: Tiarra Wade, Joe Talley, Tyrone Jean, Katie Smith, Leslie Barnes, DUPD, OSC, Kevin Ericson, Katie Smith

Professional Development (Exempt)
Sponsor: Caroline Nisbet
Charge: To consider best practices for exempt staff professional development and to make recommendations to Student Affairs Senior Leadership about policies and practices that would support better workforce satisfaction and development. To support the development of team building, social engagement and other cross-unit activities that would enhance staff development and community building

Chair: David Pittman and Richard Lee
Timelines: Three meetings per semester
Membership: David Pittman, Richard Lee, Clay Adams, Linda Capers, Alec Greenwald, Cameo Hartz, Melcina White, Lauren Creamer

Communications Committee
Sponsor: Chris Heltne
Charge: Establish divisional priority messages and audiences; determine best methods for distributing messages; coordinate outreach across the division; create measurements for determining outreach success.

Co-Chairs: Chris Heltne and Kyle Fox
Timelines: Two meetings per semester plus meetings with individual committee members based on established message priorities and timing; emergency message response as needed.
Membership: Chris Heltne, Kyle Fox, Jo Supernaw, Katie Colleran, Sanghee Jong, India Pierce, Kirsten Marinko, Ross Wade, MJ Williams, Pei Choong (student)

GnP Task Force Implementation Team
Sponsor: Sue Wasiolek
Charge: To advise Student Affairs Senior Leadership with regards to Division GnP related issues including: services, programs, communication, outreach, resource allocation and policies.  Membership in the Task Force will be empowered to make recommendations in the aforementioned areas, coordinate consistent assessment efforts across the Division, and develop educational opportunities for staff. 

Chairs: Clay Adams & Christine Pesetski
Timeline: The Task Force will meet once a month during the academic year. 
Membership: Clay Adams , Christine Pesetski , Chris Heltne, Li-Chen Chin, Paul Miceli, Steve Hinkle (Rel Life), Jamie Bird, Jackie Looney (Grad School), Jason Belk (Law School), Shannon O'Connor (GPSC), Anna Li

Bystander Intervention Steering Committee
Sponsor: Zoila Airall and Sue Wasiolek
Charge: To coordinate all Student Affairs sponsored and supported bystander intervention initiatives including “It’s Your Move”, PACT, The Ally Network and Party Monitor Training; To advise Student Affairs Senior Leadership on best practices in bystander intervention and optimal deployment of all approaches and programs.

Chairs: Stephanie Helms Pickett and Tom Szigethy
Membership: Stephanie Helms-Pickett, Tom Szigethy, Daniel Perry, Seun Olamasu, Nick Antonicci, Tiarra Wade, Jen Handel, Christie Lawrence (student), Jill Zalewski

Student Behavioral Assessment Team
Sponsors: Larry Moneta and Sue Wasiolek
Charge: To mitigate the risk of violence by conducting an interdisciplinary and data-based assessment and recommend strategies when the behavior of a student or former student generates a plausible threat with a nexus to Duke University or when a non-affiliated person's behavior involves the safety of a current student.

Co-Chairs: Sue Wasiolek and John Dailey (Convenor: Amy Powell)
Timelines: meet every Thursday or as needed for urgent case discussion; ongoing
Membership: Sue Wasiolek, John Dailey, Stephen Bryan, Joe Gonzalez, Wanda Collins, Lee Baker (Assoc VP UE), Jackie Looney (Grad School), Christine Pesetski, Amy Powell, Greg Stotsenberg (DUPD), Sara-Jane Raines (DUPD), Chris Lott (Counsel)

Post-Graduate Support and Development for Undergraduates (Career Issues)
Sponsor: Bill Wright-Swadel
Charge: Provide the Career Center and Student Affairs leadership with an assessment of the current “best practices and recommendations” for innovative strategies for the state of the art career and professional development services. Particular emphasis will focus on the needs of the diverse undergraduate student, faculty, alumni, student affairs, and employer communities served by the Career Center.

Chairs: William Wright-Swadel, Emma Rasiel and Brad Fox
Timeline: A one year ad hoc committee that will meet monthly, produce a mid-year preliminary report and then a final report to the Student Affairs and CC leadership teams.
Membership: By invitation from among faculty, Student Affairs, alumni affairs, Athletics, the Graduate School, the Duke Centers, the administration, One Duke Career Consortium, students, alumni, and employers.

Program Planning and Support Group
Sponsor: Zoila Airall
Charge: Provide an opportunity for Program Coordinators and others in like roles in Student Affairs to gather and share programmatic plans and ideas; to minimize programming overlap and optimize opportunities for collaboration; to enable cooperative and collaborative relationships to develop; to develop potential assessment approaches to various programmatic endeavors

Chair: ?
Timeline: Periodic meetings throughout the year
Membership: All program coordinators and Student Affairs staff in comparable positions