Parents & Families

Duke Parents Advisory Council (DPAC)

DPAC's Role

The DPAC plays an instrumental role within the University by providing feedback, support, and counsel throughout the academic year.

➤  Assist the division in strategic planning for new and existing initiatives.
➤  Represent the larger community of Duke parents regarding policy and program implementation.
➤  Provide an outlet for parents of students who want to be involved in the undergraduate Duke experience.


How to Join

The application for the 2020-2021 cycle is now closed. Decisions for those who applied this year will be communicated the second week of October.

Membership appointments to the DPAC are for one year. Members have the possibility of extended service when space and interest permit. The council meets on campus twice annually, once during Family Weekend and once during the spring semester.* The Division of Student Affairs expects DPAC members to participate in meetings and to engage in regular electronic communication between campus meetings.

* Meetings will be held virtually during the 2020-2021 school year due to COVID-19.


Current DPAC Roster

We want to thank all of the current and returning members of the DPAC! We achieved so much this past year and look forward to a historic year of progress in 2019-2020.

Current Members are as follows:

Emeritus Members

  • Penny and Jim Fleming  
  • Dana Dudley 
  • Beth Gabay

Class of 2021 Representatives

  • Troy Anderson
  • Andrea Epstein 
  • Amy Genender
  • Sameera Gupta  
  • Jane Jackson 
  • Steven Kaplan
  • Michael O'Leary
  • Karen and Tim Shapiro
  • Cyndi Yag-Howard 

Class of 2022 Representatives

  • Christine Hayward 
  • Kara and David Landers 
  • Sean McManus 
  • Jan Murphy   
  • Bernaldo Rabe 
  • Arthur Ringness

Class of 2023 Representatives 

  • Anne Dowling 
  • Cynthia Dowd 
  • Simbo Egbue 
  • Jan Powell 
  • Jennifer and Glenn Rewick 

Class of 2024 Representatives 

  • Clarissa Canady 
  • Cathy Friedman and Jon Duane 
  • Michael Gaviser 
  • Michelle and Delmir Grewal 
  • Eduardo Hauser 
  • Stephanie Heller Norman 
  • Christy Piland