Parents & Families

First-Year Parents

Welcome to the Duke family!

As the parent of an incoming or current first-year student, you are likely experiencing many moments of both joy and anxiety. Having your student leave home, often for the first time, brings on an era of both great transition and separation. Yet, although your role may be about to change, your work as a parent is far from done. While ultimately your student must be left to make their own decisions and learn from their consequences, your services are still needed. Your ability to provide guidance and support during this period of great change is vital for your student's success.

These transitions often require a large adjustment by all members of the family. In order to be as prepared as possible, we recommend having discussions prior to the start of the school year about values, goals, and behavioral expectations and also keeping the lines of communication throughout the undergraduate years. Being as explicit and open as possible during these talks should help alleviate misunderstandings and allow for positive growth and change.

During the summer we provide parent and family newsletters specifically for those of incoming students. You can find them under our communications tab or below: 

Class of 2024 - Parent and Family Communications  

During the summer the Office of Parent and Family Programs provides newsletters specifically for parents and families of incoming students. Starting in May, look out for this monthly email with important information about supporting your student through the transition to Duke.

Throughout the summer, we will also send families major University announcements as campus adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

**As the global COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, all information and dates remain subject to change.**