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API Swipe Policy

API BADGE SWIPE POLICY                                                                                                          


This policy covers swiping of DukeCards at badge readers for nonexempt employees and students who record time worked using API.

Student Affairs Policy

  1. Student Affairs has a four swipe per day policy for recording time worked in API.  Employees working more than 6 consecutive hours should swipe upon arrival, when leaving for lunch, when returning from lunch and when leaving work for the day. 
  2. If there is a mandatory event that employees must attend and lunch¹ will be served, only two swipes per day are required since lunch is included as a part of the event².  (Examples include Fall Kickoff, Cultural Competency training, staff retreats, etc.)
  3. Employees should swipe in and out at the badge reader closest to their work location³.
  4. If an employee forgets to swipe in or out, a clocking should be entered as soon as the missed swipe is discovered to avoid having a critical exception which needs to be cleared.


QUESTIONS:  Questions regarding this policy may be sent to

¹See University policy on meal breaks.

²If employees work the regular shift, one hour of overtime may be earned for the week.

³There are occasions when an employee starts or finishes the work day in a location other than the regular work location.  If there is a badge reader in that location, i.e., Corporate Payroll, Bursar’s Office, L&OD, another Student Affairs department, the employee should swipe in or out at that badge reader.