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Duke Confidentiality Policy

Employees may have access to proprietary and/or confidential information during the course of their employment at Duke.  Any confidential information whether verbal, written, faxed, photographic, or electronic is considered to be privileged and strictly confidential.  All confidential information should be maintained in a manner that ensures its privacy and safety.  Student records and information, patient information and other work-related information should not be discussed in open areas such as in elevators, hallways, lobbies, or food areas.

Employees are expected to follow Duke policies and procedures governing confidentiality and to regard confidentiality as a duty and responsibility while part of the Duke workforce.  Any employee who discloses information observed or heard without proper authorization will be subject to corrective actions up to and including termination from Duke.  Unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of confidential information may also violate federal and/or state law and may result in criminal and civil penalties.  The observance of confidentiality also applies to the disclosure of information regarded as confidential within a department or unit.

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