Resource Administration


Recruitment for vacancies due to the departure of an incumbent may begin once the appropriate Associate or Assistant Vice President approves the search plan and the Student Affairs Payroll Team opens a requisition in the University’s Human Resources system.  Once a search is authorized, the objective is to complete the recruitment process in 90 days or less for most positions.  Hiring managers who have not previously or recently managed searches in Student Affairs should review the search plan and process documents (Division Shared files) prior to beginning recruitment.  Any recruitment questions may be discussed with a member of the Division HR team (Richard Lee or Caroline Nisbet).  It is also advisable to review Duke's Recruitment and Hiring policies.

Position Management
Requests for new positions and reclassifications are generally not considered unless budgeted.  Creation of a new position is subject to review and approval by the Provost’s Office and Duke Human Resources even if the proposed position was approved in the budget.  The HR team requests these approvals during the new position creation process.  To initiate the process, the hiring manager sends the proposed job description and a position classification form (using the templates in Division Shared files) to  The full review process may take several weeks.  Recruitment may not begin until the departmental hiring manager receives approval confirmation via email from a member of the Division HR team.

Search Plan
The hiring manager first determines the scope (local, regional or national) of the search and prepare a search plan (see sample in Division shared files).  Nonexempt searches are local or regional.  Exempt searches are generally regional or national in scope unless the hiring manager is confident that a sufficient pool of local candidates can be recruited.  The search plan must specify strategies to recruit a diverse and qualified applicant pool.  Approval of the search plan must follow department-specified protocols.  Search plans for positions at level 15 and above also require approval of the AVP for Resource Administration (Caroline Nisbet).

Opening a Requisition
Once the search plan is approved, the hiring manager sends a request to open the requisition to along with the position number and a copy of the job description

Recruitment and Requisition Tracking
All vacant positions must be posted for a minimum of seven calendar days on the Duke Human Resource web site (  By Duke policy, all applicants must be included in Candidate Selection.  Ads and job announcements should refer applicants to the requisition posted on the Duke HR web site.  Departments cover all search-related costs including advertising, interview expenses for candidates, and if appropriate, certain relocation expenses for the selected candidate.

When the search is completed, the hiring manager must check references prior to requesting approval to extend an offer.  Two references (including current supervisor if a Duke employee) are required in Candidate Selection.  However, hiring managers are encouraged to check three to five references as appropriate given the job level and scope of the position.

Extending an Offer
All employment offers require approval by a member of the Student Affairs HR team.  An equity analysis is conducted (nonbargaining unit positions only) to ensure fair and equitable wages and salaries based on a variety of educational, experience and market factors among similar positions within the Division.  Once offer approval is received, the hiring manager may extend a verbal offer.  Written offers are extended for all positions.  The offer letter should closely follow the verbal offer.  Templates for offer letters may be found in Division Shared files.  A draft of the written offer must be sent to for review.  Once approved, the offer letter may be sent to the candidate.

Required Employment Documents
Many positions in Student Affairs have specific minimum education requirements.  Additional educational credentials may be considered in developing the salary offer.  Therefore, new employees must validate educational credentials by submitting official transcripts for post-secondary education by the deadline specified in the employment offer letter.  The start date may be delayed or offer of employment rescinded if transcripts and other employment documents are not received by the required due dates.  The offer letter specifies a due date for a variety of other payroll and employment documents required by Duke.  The requisition should not be closed until the hiring manager has received confirmation from the Student Affairs Payroll Team that the background check and I-9/E-Verify processes are completed and transcripts received (if required).

Retention of Search Documents
Hiring departments must retain all records related to the search and selection process for a period of three years.  Duke's policy on retention of search and selection records may be found at