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Employees wishing to leave their position in Student Affairs in good standing are expected to provide sufficient written notice of voluntary resignation or retirement to their immediate supervisor.

  • Nonexempt employees should provide notice at least two weeks prior to the effective date.
  • Exempt employees are expected to provide notice at least 30 calendar days prior to the effective date.
  • Supervisors must provide written acceptance of the resignation to the employee.
  • Copies of the employee's resignation letter and supervisor's letter accepting the resignation should be scanned and sent to

Employees will receive 100% pay for accrued and unused vacation and discretionary days if termination from Duke occurs after the orientation and evaluation period. Upon termination, the employee will receive a lump sum payment for unused vacation. Employees leaving Duke are advised to consult with the Duke Benefits Office to determine impacts on health plans and voluntary deductions.

Involuntary Departure

Employees who are unable to meet the established standards of performance or conduct for a position may be terminated.  Involuntary termination requires prior review by the department head and Richard H. Lee, Student Affairs Director of Human Resources.  The basis for the termination and facts supporting the action must be fully documented.

If an employee is absent for three consecutive, scheduled workdays without contacting his/her supervisor or department in accordance with departmental procedures, the employee will be considered to have abandoned his/her position and will be discharged.

University Resources

Policies and procedures relevant to leaving your position and/or Duke may be found on the Human Resources website at

Voluntary Departure

Duke's policy and guidelines regarding voluntary resignation or retirement may be found at

Employees planning to retire from Duke are encouraged to use the Retirement Planning Guide, which may be found at

Employees leaving Student Affairs voluntarily are invited to participate in an exit survey, which will be sent once a resignation has been submitted.  Employees who prefer an exit interview should contact Richard Lee, Student Affairs Director of Human Resources at