Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response

Campus Organizations

Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity
We strive to achieve an inclusive campus climate for students, staff, faculty, and alumni with marginalized sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions through education, advocacy, support, mentoring, academic engagement, and providing space.

The Duke Divinity School Women’s Center
The Duke Divinity School Women’s Center serves as both a healing place for women-identifying people and as an educative space for everyone in the Divinity School community. We believe both of these commitments—healing and educating—are tools of empowerment. We see our work as deeply core to the mission of the Jesus Christ, who in birth and resurrection appeared first to women and values all of us as made in God’s own image.

Duke Students Against Gender Violence
Duke Students Against Gender Violence is as a coalition of student groups on campus whose purpose is to address gender violence, including but not limited to sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, and stalking. The coalition serves to improve collaboration and communication between these organizations, better disseminate information to the student body, and connect students and student organizations to campus resources. If you or your organization would like to get involved in activism or plan an event related to gender violence, please contact us!

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Participating groups

Duke Support
Duke Support is a student-run support group for survivors of sexual assault. All genders and identities are welcome!


We Are Here Duke
We Are Here Duke is the inaugural chapter of We Are Here USA, an initiative of non-profit organization Hidden Voices to combat sexual and intimate partner violence on college campuses.  Its mission is to provide a system of educated survivors and allies who will fight with and on behalf of survivors for prevention of gender violence on this campus and beyond. We believe that victim-survivors deserve a strong support system from their peers and administrators. Everyone deserves to be heard and feel safe on their campus. We aim to end gender violence victimization, initiate and sustain awareness campaigns about gender violence, and provide visible support for everyone battling against this issue or suffering at the hands of it.  We are here to support victim-survivors through educational campaigns and events, performances, and policy change. We Are Here Duke also works in collaboration with other organizations fighting gender violence at Duke and in Durham.


Develle Dish Breaking Out Project
Breaking Out is an annual photo project run by the feminist blog Develle Dish. The project features student-survivors of sexual violence who volunteered to be photographed holding posters with quotations said by their perpetrators, family, friends and/or themselves. Each poster tells a story that illustrates their journey of survivorship, highlighting the particular issues surrounding sexual assault and Duke University’s campus.The mission of the Breaking Out Project is to encourage healing through art, and counter the culture of silence that isolates, blames, and shames survivors of sexual violence.


The Duke Men’s Project
The Duke Men's Project is an initiative sponsored by the Duke Women's Center to increase male ally-ship in gender equity and gender violence prevention. The project facilitates a nine-week Learning Community, where a group of 15 male-identified students unpack expressions of masculinity through a feminist lens. It aims to create a space of brotherhood and fellowship dedicated to interrogating male privilege and patriarchy as it exists in our lives, our campus and our society. Our intention is to rework current narratives of masculinity for a healthier alternative; one that is inclusive, equitable and positive. There is a misinformed narrative that gender equity and feminism hurts men, but through conversations on the limits of masculinity and healthy alternatives we demonstrate that men have much to gain. We also hold larger talks and discussions for all genders to engage with conversations that are linked to masculinity and male privilege.


Duke Student Government (DSG) Equity and Outreach Committee
The Equity & Outreach Committee of the Duke Student Government Senate works to enhance a respectful and inclusive work and learning environment for the university. The Equity & Outreach Committee recommends policies that encourage values of equity and diversity, equal opportunity, harassment prevention, financial equity, ethical labor and employment practices, and it promotes the celebration of diverse cultures, ideologies, and philosophies.

Contact: Riyanka Ganguly, Vice President of Equity and Outreach,

Introduced in 2014 by UN Women, HeForShe is inviting people around the world to stand together to create a bold, visible force for gender equality.The mission of HeForShe@Duke is to encourage the Duke community to become change agents for the achievement of gender equality. HeForShe@Duke seeks to accomplish this mission by providing an intellectual space where members of the Duke community can have conversations about gender equality, women’s empowerment, and gender role congruity.


The Feminist Make-Space
The Feminist Make-Space is an empowering and intersectional community for students who are marginalized based on their gender-identity, including women, otherwise femme-identifying students, and gender nonconforming students.


The Women’s Center Gender Violence Prevention Interns
The Gender Violence Prevention interns work for the Duke Women’s Center on initiatives related to gender violence.


Peer Advocates for Sexual Health (PASH)
Peer Advocacy for Sexual Health (PASH) is Duke University's brand new student-run sexual health resource center. Located in the Crowell Building on West Campus, we are staffed with trained student advocates to provide information, resources and materials regarding sexual health and pleasure, as well as confidential and anonymous peer counseling to the Duke student body. Come by and visit us!


IFC Sexual Assault Prevention Team
The Duke IFC Sexual Assault Prevention Team aims to tackle the issue of sexual violence as it manifests at Duke University. The task force is charged to consider and implement novel solutions to tackling sexual assault at every stage it occurs.

Contact: Jake Son,

Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) Sexual Misconduct Task Force
The Graduate and Professional Student Council has created a sexual misconduct task force. All graduate and professional students are welcome to join and discuss issues and work towards awareness and improvements in this space, particularly focused on needs of graduate and professional students.

Contact: Jacqueline Robinson-Hamm,

WISE- Women in Science and Engineering at Duke University
WiSE is a network of women graduate students and post-doctoral associates at Duke working to improve the climate for women in science and engineering, including increasing the number of women faculty members and students in science and engineering and providing programmatic support for open discussion of science and gender issues. WiSE serves as a liaison between women science and engineering students and the administration, and sponsors events in which women faculty members and students can come together and share experiences and ideas for change. WiSE is affiliated with the Duke University Women's Center and is supported by grants from the Office of Graduate Student Affairs and the Graduate and Professional Student Council.

Julia Roberts,
Candise Henry,

The Law School’s Coalition Against Gendered Violence (CAGV)
The CAGV is a student-run organization dedicated to increasing both awareness and prevention of gendered violence. Throughout the year, we host speakers and meetings dedicated to discussing the legal issues implicated by domestic violence, date rape, sex trafficking, and victim assistance. Additionally, we actively facilitate volunteer and internship opportunities for law students in a variety of organizations.

Our mission is threefold: 1) to raise awareness in the Duke Law community about domestic violence and sexual assault; 2) to foster student advocacy on behalf of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors; and 3) to identify gaps in services available to domestic violence and sexual assault victims in the Triangle area and develop projects to fill those gaps.

Contact: Nicole Scully,