Student Health

Same Day / Urgent Care Visits

At the Duke Student Health Center, our goal is to provide convenient and comprehensive healthcare to all Duke students. Medical issues can arise at any time, sometimes without warning. Student Health's urgent care services allow students to see a healthcare provider and receive assessment and treatment in a timely fashion - usually same day or within 24 hours - depending on visit availability. Students needing urgent care for illness or injuries will be given priority. For non-urgent health concerns or chronic medical problems, students should make a regular appointment.

The following are some examples of situations requiring an urgent care visit:

  • Persistent fevers or chills

  • Pain that does not go away

  • Lacerations or wounds

  • Acute abdominal pain <24 hours

  • Urinary symptoms

  • Vaginal symptoms

If you have an urgent medical concern and need to be seen the same day, please call our triage line at 919-681-9355, Option #2.

It is important to take responsibility of your health and wellness. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at the Duke Student Health Center is here to help you with your healthcare needs during your time at Duke.

If you do not need an urgent care visit, please make a regular appointment by calling 919-681-9355 Option #1 or book online through Duke MyChart.