Student Health

Student Health Fee

The Student Health Fee covers most of the services offered at Student Health if medically indicated and rendered by a Student Health Provider.

Health Services covered by the health fee include: medical care for acute and chronic illness and minor injuries, physical exams, routine medical care, gynecological exams (does not include cost of associated lab tests, such as pap smear and STI screening), allergy shot administration, pregnancy testing, after hours nurse consultations, and in-house lab tests.

Lab tests covered by the fee include: complete blood count, urinalysis, wet prep for vaginal infections, and rapid tests for strep throat, mononucleosis, pregnancy and flu.

The Student Health fee also covers a variety of other services including:

Nutrition Counseling
Wellness Promotion & Risk Mitigation Programs
Mental Health Services
Sexual Violence Support Services

Services not covered by the health fee include: X-rays and imaging; prescription medications; medical care provided in the emergency department, hospital, or other non-student healthcare facility, care provided by specialists, including those working within the student health facilities such as dermatology and endocrinology; T-spot (tuberculosis blood test); immunizations; contraceptives; dental care; physical therapy; pregnancy care or deliveries; and most laboratory tests.

Services that are not covered by the health fee are the financial responsibility of the student. 

If you are unsure whether a service is covered, please contact Student Health prior to receiving the service.