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Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services encourages an environment that educates, supports and facilitates a student€™s ability to develop lifelong healthy eating behaviors; collaborates with Duke Dining to offer a nutritious and appealing food environment that allows students to nourish their bodies while feeding their minds; offers a high level of clinical care in a respectful and caring manner; educates students by implementing ongoing campus-wide nutrition initiatives and works collaboratively with other support organizations in order to deliver the highest level of nutrition services possible.


We can assist you with a range of options such as dietary intervention for high cholesterol, high triglycerides, diabetes, hypertension, weight management, disordered eating, sports performance issues, or any dietary topic that you might be concerned about. Some people just come in to see if they are eating well!

  • Initial consultations are 45 minutes and follow-up appointments are usually 30 minutes.
  • Individual and group counseling sessions are available upon request.
  • For immediate dietary assistance, please refer to our online resources.
  • To make a new appointment, visit the Student Health site, or call 919-681-9355.


Franca B. Alphin

Phone: 919-613-7486


Office: Room 126 | First Floor | Student Wellness Center

Toni Apadula

Phone: 919-613-1218


Office: Room 125 | First Floor | Student Wellness Center