Student Health

Convenience Care FAQs

Can I see a specific provider in the convenience care clinic?

  • We will do our best to try to get you to be able to see the provider you have requested during convenience care. Please let the front desk know if you would like to see a specific provider and we will try to accommodate the request.
  • If you would like to see a specific provider, please call the office or use MyChart to schedule an appointment when they are not staffing the convenience care clinic.

Can I get a Pap smear during convenience care?

  • Yes. We provide both routine health care needs including physicals, pap smears during convenience care clinics

I will be traveling, can I walk-in and be seen for this convenience care clinic?

  • Travel appointments, like allergy shots and immunizations, are special appointments that have to be scheduled. Please call the office to schedule these types of appointments

If I want to be seen at 4pm, can I come to the convenience care clinic?

  • We will see all students that come in to Student Health by 3:30 pm (barring unique circumstances). Students showing up after 3:30 will be seen by a triage nurse and may or may not be seen by a provider.

Do you still offer video visits?

  • Yes we do - please call the office to schedule. Please click here to see what type of issues we take care of using video visits.

Can I walk in on Tuesday night for convenience care visits? 

  • Convenience care clinics run daily until 3:30pm. We are open Tuesday nights for scheduled appointments only.

I want to walk-in to the convenience care but only have a small window of time, will I be seen?

  • If you are unable to wait to see a provider, you will be able to speak with a triage nurse and get advice, and you can return at another time to be seen by a provider.
  • You can check for scheduled appointments by calling the office or using MyChart.

I went to the convenience care clinic and was told I would have to wait, and someone else came in and was seen before me. Why is that?

  • There are two possibilities: One is that the person had a schedule appointment. The other is that they had a medical issue that needed to be seen right away.

I have other questions, what do I do?

  • Please look through our website and if you cannot find the answer, please call the office and inquire. We are happy to hear from you.