Dean of Students

Dean of Students

Encouraging Student Health and Wellness

Dear Duke Parents,

Although most of you aren’t as old as I am, my hope is that you might remember or be familiar with John Denver, a songwriter and performer who tragically died in a plane crash in 1997. I used to listen to John Denver’s songs all the time and I recently came across a video of him reciting a poem entitled, “Ambulance Down in the Valley.” My attention went to one particular verse:

Office of Student Conduct Now Recruiting Disciplinary Advisors

Are you interested in an opportunity to assist students going through the undergraduate disciplinary process? Apply to become a Disciplinary Advisor today!

Disciplinary Advisors work with students who are under investigation for a possible violation of university policy, and they can also support students who are bringing forward a report of misconduct. They offer information about how the disciplinary process works, advice on how to approach each stage of the process, and can support students in attendance at an Undergraduate Conduct Board hearing.


10 Things To Keep In Mind

Dear Undergraduate Student:

The Office of Student Conduct staff welcomes you (back) to Duke!  We know your time is valuable, so with that in mind, here are 10 things to keep in mind this year.  For the overwhelming majority of you, this list will never apply directly to you, so we especially THANK YOU for reading through these items— and perhaps you can be a persuasive voice to your peers in steering them away from some of the negative behaviors described below, should you see them heading down a potentially perilous path.


Introducing the 2016-17 DCS Guide

The 2016-17 edition of The Duke Community Standard: A Guide for Undergraduates has been released.  This handbook outlines expectations for undergraduate student conduct (and for all students as it relates to Sexual Misconduct) and the procedures for investigating and adjudicating alleged violations of them.  All students who live on campus should have received a copy when they moved in.