Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture

Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture

2016 Julian Abele Awards

Trinity College Student of the Year
Yuridia Ramirez

Nicholas School of the Environment Student of the Year
Diego Calderon-Arrieta

School of Nursing Student of the Year
Joyell Arscott

Medical School Student of the Year
Samara Jinks

Law School Student of the Year
Christine Umeh

Sanford School of Public Policy Student of the Year
Bahari J. Harris

Graduate School Student of the Year
John Bechtold

Fuqua Business School Student of the Year
Nicole Melwood

An Open Letter to My Unborn Daughter

Dear [I haven’t settled on a name yet sooooo…], 

My real hope is that the world changes for you, but if it doesn’t, I hope I can teach you how to cope.

I hope you love yourself

You do not have to look like Beyoncé, get accepted into all of the Ivy Leagues, or be a CEO by the age of 12 to be excellent in your Blackness. You can do all of these things, but you will be exquisite and worthy of love no matter what. In a world that tries to tell you that every facet of who you are does not measure up, I hope you have a radical self-love.

Reflections on BSAI

The Black Student Alliance Invitational (BSAI) is a four-day event on campus for prospective students that identify as Black. The weekend is filled with exciting events that enable the prospective students to experience many facets of the college experience. I was lucky enough to attend this event last March. Now that I work at the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture, the center that sponsors the event, as well as am a co-chair of one of the planning committees, I cherish my memories of BSAI even more.

Caribbean Awareness Week 2016

As part of the Students of the Caribbean Association, we have been gearing up for our best Caribbean Awareness Week yet. This year, we’ll bring back returning treats like a traditional steel pan band and a Monday Motivations collaboration with the Center for Multicultural Affairs. This year will also bring about new traditions including a keynote speaker and will culminate with our annual Caribana festival. It goes without saying that Caribbean Awareness Week is, at least in my opinion, the most wonderful time of the year!

Looking at Divine Movement Through the Lens of NPHC

For any Black adult who has ever been to college, more than likely some of the pivotal snapshots of our college careers are linked to the events and programs that were held by members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC).  Whether it be one of their academic enrichment programs, neophyte presentations or infamous step shows and parties, we sometimes frame our college years around these unique African-American organizations.  Too often though, we take these organizations and their many contributions for granted, seeing them as a prop to our collegiate experiences.