University Center Activities & Events

University Center Activities & Events

Need A Hug, An Ice Cream Cone, Or A Moment Of Meditation?

A nap, a big hug, some really really good food, and snuggling with your dog are a few of the mental images the “Take What You Need” board offers. The end of the semester can be a stressful time and while a weekend at the beach would be great, sometimes just taking a moment to imagine yourself on vacation is enough to catch your breath.


DSG Recognizes Three Student Affairs Colleagues

David Pittman Award
DSG has created a new award to honor Dr. David Pittman. The David Pittman Award, named for the Director of Student Life, is awarded to a member of the Duke University administration, faculty, staff, or student body whose work with the Duke Student Government demonstrates a selfless commitment to mentorship, fostering a supportive environment for character growth and contributing to the leadership development of its members.  

Spring Cleaning: Student Organization Storage

The storage cages in Trent for student organizations are getting some much needed spring cleaning! All inventory will be removed from Trent cages 7, 8, 9, 12, and13, and will be relocated to the Bryan Center Von Canon room on Wednesday, March 30th from 10am until 6pm.
Please pay attention to the following regulations: