Living @ Duke

Dear Second-Semester Betty

Dear second-semester Betty (and any others who might be listening in):

Congratulations!  You made it through your first semester at Duke.  You figured out the shortcut to get from Physics to the bus stop; found the best coffee on campus and then promptly spent all your food points; and cleaned your room for the first time since move-in.  Take a moment, and celebrate yourself.

A Message from Trinity Dean Valerie Ashby

Dear Parents,

You have likely heard of the many protests occurring on our nation’s campuses concerning issues of diversity, inclusion, and equal treatment. Duke is not immune to these discussions, nor should we be. Our outstanding students are challenging us to do better in these areas, their expectations pressing us to a higher standard.


Buscando la vida (Searching for life)

With senior year comes the rhetoric of the ultimates, the finals, the last-times. Planning for my family’s Thanksgiving this year has proved no different. “I told your cousins that this was your last Thanksgiving, so they’re coming up!” my mom told me on the phone last week. What? My “last” Thanksgiving?

I wanted to tell my mom that she was wrong. This isn’t going to be my “last” Thanksgiving like it was my last time book-bagging, last fall in Durham, or anything of the like. But as I think about it more, her comment seems less dramatic and more pragmatic.


Statements from Friday's Rally

Jack D explains what happened:

As many of you know, early in the morning yesterday someone entered my dorm and sprawled on the wall of the first floor, “Death to all fags @ Jack.” In just five words and an ‘at’ symbol, my sense of security and safety on this campus was shattered. 

Efforts have been made to find the assailant but the likelihood of success seems minimal. However, the person who wrote on the wall is greatly unimportant.

In Response to Defamatory Language

Dear students,

Yesterday, a wall of East Hall was defaced with defamatory language aimed at the LGBTQ+ community and an individual Duke student. While the language has been painted over, it does not erase the pain and fear. This is a very serious incident and we will continue to investigate. If you have information that you think would be helpful to us in learning more about who is responsible, we encourage you to contact the police or other university official. 

Project WILD Students Save Life

Thanks to some training, three Duke University students saved a man's life recently during a school trip in the Pink Beds areas in Pisgah National Forest.

Jared Schwartz, Kyrstin Lulow and Isa Zawilla were going to the Otter Hole, an off-the-beaten-path swimming spot, when they came across a man who was wheezing and holding his chest. After some deliberating and difficulty translating, they discovered that he had been stung, presumably by a yellow jacket. The students believe the man was only stung once.