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Fyrst Contact Spotlight: Brightline

First years, did you know that the Career Center has a program exclusively for you called Fyrst Contact? Well, we do, and it is an amazing program. This program connects first-year students with companies and employers who are interested in engaging with first years. Fyrst Contact is offered online and it is more of an information session versus a recruitment session. Some of the companies who participate are looking for interns and will provide that information during the session.


Data analyst and a data scientist…What is the difference?

Both roles use data, coding, business acumen, and statistics to answer business related questions from the huge amount of data available. The major differences between the roles is:

  1.  The way they apply the skills they have

  2.  The extent of technical knowledge and education they possess

Data Analyst


Where have all the Economics Master's students gone?

Where have all the Economics Master's students gone? The Graduate Student Career Services Team at the Career Center wanted to find out. With the help of our student intern, Shuwen Zhai, M'17 (now an alumna herself), we tracked down alums from Duke's Economics Master's programs using LinkedIn. We gathered data on where these students interned and what positions they found after grad school. There were some surprising trends in the internship and full-time position data, especially around geographic location, position title, and industries.