Student Wellness

  • Duke Student Wellness provides all students with exceptional care and coaching, guiding proactive wellness choices, assisting with health needs, and supporting the path to greater personal success and happiness—all from caring practitioners who understand the unique identities, values and needs of our students.


  • Diversity as a distinguishing feature of the Duke experience brings together students with different backgrounds, multiple perspectives and wide-ranging interests of similar or dissimilar backgrounds and life experiences. 

Living at Duke

  • Living on campus is more than a room and a bed - it’s where you meet people from all over the world and learn something new about yourself and others. At Duke, you are part of an open community that will shape your college experience. 

Career Exploration

  • Sometimes, the path you're on seems too narrow to encompass who you are. Sometimes, there seem to be too many paths and the choices too confusing to navigate. Exploring careers comes with many, many questions. 

Dining at Duke

  • Duke is home to one of the most innovative, dynamic, and cutting edge collegiate dining programs in the country. Our goal is to provide you with a delicious, nutritious, affordable community dining experience, no matter where you choose to eat on campus. Whatever your dietary needs or tastes, options abound.

Get Involved

  • Student Affairs and our academic partners are integrating experiential learning with classroom instruction in all aspects of Duke life, on campus and beyond. There are opportunities everywhere to explore your interests, to get involved, and when the time is right, to lead the way.

Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response

  • Duke is proactive in its efforts to address and reduce instances of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence. Below students will find information about university policies and procedures regarding sexual misconduct, and additional related information.