University Center Activities & Events (ucae)

About Us

We are University Center Activities & Events and we're happy to meet you! Our extraordinary teams provide a wide array of services available to the Duke community and campus visitors. Commonly referred to as UCAE we support event planning and campus programming needs. 

Check in with us on the UCAE Facebook page and visit our office in person soon. We look forward to getting to know you. 



We envision a collaborative organization that harnesses the individual creative talents of a diverse staff and facilitates a model of student learning and development that is unique amongst our peers. Through excellence in both student and event services, we aim to create a holistic environment that incorporates a best practices approach in both the transformational and transactional, where learning and mentorship is embedded within the daily lives of students and staff alike, and resulting in personal development and transferable skills.


  • An organization that is student-centric and recognizes learning takes place both in and out of the classroom,  and that creates opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and skills in new settings.
  • An organization that is exemplary of the best practices in entrepreneurship and fosters innovation.
  • An organization that provides integrated support services that embrace and further the strategic goals and initiatives of the Division and the University.
  • An organization that is agile and resourceful and channels realized efficiencies into furthering the goals and mission of the department.
  • An organization that seeks to maximize revenue in order to support department and Division objectives and minimize reliance on general allocation resources.

Administrative Leadership Team

Strong leadership is critical to the long-term creation of value within UCAE. The Administrative Leadership Team provides strategic direction, guidance, and vision. Led by Chris Roby the Administrative Leadership Team provides oversight for all activity within UCAE while providing leadership to each team.  

Student Engagement

Leadership development and student organization support are the cornerstones of the Student Engagement team.  Visit this group to learn more about programs and services including student organization support, leadership development, the Arts Annex, Launch, DukeGroups, and more. The staff of the Student Engagement team serves in an advisory capacity to DUU, DSG, duARTS, dPS, SOFC, and a variety of other groups.  Student Activities is led by David Pittman and consists of the Student Involvement Team, Fraternity & Sorority Life, as well as the Center for Leadership Development and Social Action.

Venue and Performance Management

What happens behind the scenes makes exceptional events possible. The Venue and Performance Management team supports ticket sales, theater operations, technical services, and supports the operation of the Rubenstein Arts Center and more. The Event and Production Services team is responsible for the planning and execution of all sizes of events on campus, from sporting events to graduation. The Event and Production Services team also oversees much of the reservations on campus including those managed with 25-Live. Event and Production Services is led by Marcy Edenfield and consists of the Box Office and Visitor Team, the Theater Operations Team, Rubenstein Arts Center Operations, and the Technical Services Team.

Conference and Event Services

The Conference and Event Services team is responsible for the planning and execution of all sizes of events on campus, from summer conferences to graduation. The Conference and Event Services team oversees much of the reservations on campus and more information about reserving those venues can be found at our Event Services website

Creative Services

The Creative Services team offers video, audio, photo, and design services. Creative Services supports the creative needs of the Duke community. Our team of experienced professional staff and talented student staff of DIDA work collaboratively to deliver the final product our clients need at a competitive price. 

Business and Finance

Whether you’re looking for help translating your budget, paying a vendor, and everything in between, the Business and Finance Team is Dedicated to helping you achieve success with your financial stewardship. Under the leadership of April Billings this team is responsible for departmental accounts, student organization accounts, office management and serving as UCAE's liaison to payroll and HR. This team is led by April Billings.

Staff Directory

Office Manager
Jeannette Vega

Assistant Vice President        
Chris Roby

Senior Director of Student Life          
David Pittman

Director of Business and Finance          
April Billings   

Director of Conference and Event Services         
Jim Hodges   

Director of Theatre and Production Services
Marcy Edenfield

Project Manager 
Maria Maxell    

Associate Director       
Tearria Beck-Scott

Assistant Director
Michael Croal

Assistant Director
Francesqa Santos

Student Development Coordinator
Sarah Neff

Student Development Coordinator
Keith Norris

Director, Student Engagement, Leadership (she/her/hers)
Emilie Dye 

Associate Director, Student Engagement, Leadership (she/her/hers)
Anna Lehnen

Assistant Director, Student Engagement, Leadership (he/him/his)
Brian Lackman

Assistant Director, Student Engagement, Leadership (he/him/his)
Frederick Kenley

Associate Director      
Karen Stone

Assistant Director   
Tara Carty

Assistant Manager    
Windy Jacobs

Assistant Manager
Stephanie Newton

Assistant Manager
Sharon Barbour

Assistant Manager         
Kelly Jennings        

Staff Specialist 
Kristin Pietrantoni

Operations Supervisor           
Garrett Grimshaw

Operations Supervisor           
Jason Poole

Operations Supervisor           
Sam Watson 

Assistant Director      
Myra Stallings

Staff Specialist          
Stormy Williams             

Staff Specialist          
Esther Clark

Staff Specialist          
Chelsea Britt

Staff Specialist          
Sam Malavsky

Associate Director of Theatre Operations
Rich Kless    

Operations Director of Venue Management
Allison Shumar

Associate Director of Theatre Operations
John Kolba

Associate Director of University Box Office and Information Desk  
Jessica Reveal

Manager of Scene Shop
David Berberian

Manager of Costume Shop  
Erin West

Assistant Manager of Theatre Operations    
Leah Austin

Assistant Manager of Reservations & Events
Jenn Moerman

Supervisor of Audience Services
Kourtney Varnum

Supervisor of Customer Services
Meghan Starr

Senior Production Technician
Austin Powers

Senior Production Technician
Christopher Thurston

Senior Production Technician
Erik Koehler

Senior Production Technician, Senior 
Sean Haggerty

Senior Production Technician
Paul Chapman

Senior Production Technician
Griffin Matthews

Senior Production Technician
Scott Silver

Selden Smith

Mark Kitchens

Senior Technician      
Ye Tun        

Senior Technician      
Tom Whiteside 

Kyle Fox              

Production Coordinator          
Greg Hobbs   

Production Supervisor
Tom Wilson