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Leadership Development and Social Action

The UCAE Center for Leadership Development and Social Action provides developmental learning experiences and resources to enable Duke students to practice effective leadership and inspire positive change within the Duke, local and global communities. 

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The work of the Center seeks to advance integrative learning through the Duke University Leadership Framework. The Duke University Leadership Framework serves as a developmental model for leadership, facilitating reflection and connection among various leadership opportunities throughout the Duke undergraduate experience.Through coaching, education, and personal development, the UCAE Center for Leadership Development and Social Action strives to create and elevate opportunities for students that encourage ownership of their leadership learning experience while at Duke and beyond. 

The Center'€™s signature programs and initiatives include a mix of conferences, retreats, workshops, and seminars that advance students understanding and practice of leadership as a contribution.

Physical Address:
420 Chapel Drive
FF 107 Few Quad
Durham, NC 27708 

Internal Address
Box 90849




Brian Lackman

Brian Lackman, Assistant Director, Center for Leadership Development and Social Action
Box 90849
Phone 919-668-4754

Leadership trainings, point person
Supervising student staff
Center Operations/Room reservations
Women's Leadership Spring Break trip

Student Affairs Leadership and Service Awards
Web updates

Related topics of Interest: LGBTQIA (specifically asexual identity development), healthy masculinities identity development and exploration, racial justice & racial identity development, supervision research (both graduate student and new professionals),

Super-Mega-Awesome-Need-To-Know Facts: I am an avid baker. I'm a major nerd and love all things TV, movies, fantasy, sci-fi, video games, etc. I will forever be a beach bum. Also, an avid reader and aspiring researcher for fun. And I am a true lover of all things Wawa & Philly in origin

Favorite Duke memory: Price Palooza & Inauguration - an awesome way to begin my experience at Duke with so much of the Duke community!

Jesse Simmons

Jesse Simmons, Student Development Coordinator, Center for Leadership Development and Social Action
Box 90849

Launch Team, Co-Supervisor
Alternative Break Programming
The Duke Authenticity Project
ACC Student Leadership Symposium
Advising the Duke Partnership for Service (dPS)
Coordinate the LeaderShape Retreat

Related topics of Interest:
First year experience, Leadership Identity Development

Super-Mega-Awesome-Need-To-Know Facts:
I am a 3rd Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo, and a HUGE sports fanatic.  I'm also into fitness (#gainz) and love to learn about different ways to be fit.

Favorite Duke memory:
LeaderShape 2016. Shoutout to the Starships!

Josephine McKelvy

Josephine McKelvy, Graduate Assistant, Penny Pilgram George Women's Leadership Initiative

Archiving materials from CLDSA events, evaluating the PPGWLI cohort experience & PPGWLI-sponsored events, collecting & analyzing data, writing reports & memos

Graduate Program:
Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at NC State University

Super-Mega-Awesome-Need-To-Know Facts:  
I like to tinker with analytic software and collaborative apps for dealing with data.
I hope to be an award-winning scrapbooker at this year’s State Fair!

Favorite Duke Memory:  
Meeting the awesome CEOs of the PPGWLI cohort!

Student Employee Profiles



Major/Academic Interests: I'm interested in a very wide variety of academic areas including political science, public policy, philosophy, economics, entrepreneurship, media studies and arts. Picking a major is going to be hard...

What is your favorite leadership quote? "You rarely win, but sometimes you do." -To kill a Mockingbird

I love this quote because it outlines how a leader knows that the failures will usually outnumber the successes, but success is inevitable if you keep persevering.

What are your co-curricular interests? I enjoy public speaking, writing and performing comedy, acting, roasting my friends, playing FIFA and listening to music.

How do you practice one of the three C's of leadership (Character, Collaboration, Citizenship) in your daily life? I am always looking to improve my character and build my personality everyday by reflecting on my flaws and shortcomings and trying my best to improve upon them.

A picture of a girl named Sena

Sena Kpodzro

Major/Interests: Although I am currently undecided about my major, I am extremely intrigued by the Natural Sciences and Health systems and I look forward to turning my curiosity and passion into a career someday. Also very much interested in drawing parallels between the educational system in Ghana and other countries.

What is your favorite leadership quote? “Every society must be intentional about educating its leaders” -Patrick Awuah. Founder, Ashesi University, Ghana.

What are your co-curricular interests? I am currently in the Djembe(African drum) ensemble here at Duke, and I love being able to stay connected to home by learning more about the different cultures in various African countries. I also enjoy making pencil sketches in my free time. Riding a racing bike will always make my day!

How do you practice one of the three C's of leadership (Character, Collaboration, Citizenship) in your daily life? I make it a point to be careful of what I do and say. I believe that the people we meet everyday learn from our actions. Character goes both ways. I learn from others too