University Center Activities & Events (ucae)

Catering Inside The Brodhead Center


The Brodhead Center has many catering options for your convenience.  Read below for a complete list of the many options that The Brodhead Center has to offer!


    Au Bon Pain

    • Located on the ground floor, this original American bakery café wears their pride on their sleeves-and in their fresh-baked bread.
      Contact:  1-800-765-4227 or


    • This bakery and coffee spot features instant ice-cream, house-made gelato and pastry-chef delicacies.
      Contact:  Robert Ghanem,

    Chef’s Kitchen

    • A unique dining, teaching and learning venue, check out how the Chef’s Kitchen adds exciting, new flavor to West Union, providing a pop-up restaurant one day and a culinary lab the next!
      Contact:  Vince Royalty: 

    The Commons

    The Commons Steakhouse

    • Open for dinner this fine dining white tablecloth restaurant with a view features the finest broiled USDA Choice steaks in the Carolinas.
      Contact:  Vince Royalty,
      Reservations – Amanda Nessanbaum,
      919-684-4618 or 919-684-4619

    The Devil’s Krafthouse

    • Craft beers on tap paired with an ideal menu of appetizers and entrees – all served at Duke’s newest on-campus pub. You won’t want to miss out on the fabulous fish tacos and of course the Krazy Krafthouse Burger!
      Contact:  Andy Perno,  919-475-7906

    The Farmstead

    • Farm to Fork sustainability meets wholesome and healthy using only the best local ingredients from local farms.
      Contact:  Fares Hanna,

    Ginger & Soy

    • The confluence of different cuisines from East and Southeast Asia, including dumplings, buns and made-to-order stir-fry, choose from the finest ingredients and watch as your meal is expertly prepared and served sizzling.
      Contact:  John Hong,


    • Exquisite sushi and sashimi prepared to order with a unique flair by sushi chefs who are known for their imaginative creations.
      Contact:  John Hong,

    Il Forno

    • Enjoy a selection of Artisan, wood-fired pizzas and the option to create your own delicious pasta dishes made with fresh house-made pasta, such as the Cajun Fettucine Alfredo and Mama’s Linguini Marinara.
      Contact:  Kyle Rosch, 614-517-7888

    JB’s Roast & Chops

    • Wood-fired cooking done right, enjoy the paella dishes prepared Valencia style as well as classic American cuisine, including broiled London wood-fired flank steak with sherry mushroom sauce.
      Contact:  Vince Royalty,

    The Skillet

    • Upscale Southern Cuisine celebrating a rich tradition of home-style cooking with the best fried chicken and biscuits, ever!
      Contact: Vince Royalty,


    • The Raw Food Movement is now at Duke! Sprout will be sure to please any palate with vegetables ruling the tastes at this vegan and vegetarian-inspired venue, including produce from the Duke Campus Farm.
      Contact:  Fares Hanna,


    • Enticing Indian foods, authentic flavors and preparation, including house-made naan, without having to travel the globe, prepared in real Tandoor ovens.
      Contact:  PC Davis,