University Center Activities & Events (ucae)


Bryan Center

Constructed in 1982 with the generous support of our donors, the Bryan Center is home to many services that meet the needs of the Duke Community. Located on Science Drive, the facility serves as a popular hub of activity on West Campus. 





Brodhead Center

The renovated Brodhead Center, formally known as West Union, was reopened in 2016. Please click here for directions to the Brodhead Center.


At the Brodhead Center, experiences bring people together, memories are made, and relationships are forged. Come dine, connect, and explore! 





The Plaza is a central gathering place for students. Tabling, events, food, spaces to sit and eat, chat, or just hang out, the Plaza is a great place to go and enjoy the people at Duke. Click here for directions to the Plaza.

Arts Annex

The Arts Annex is a dynamic space that intends to support the needs of Duke's student art scene. Click here for directions to the Arts Annex. 





GPSG House

The Graduate and Professional Student Government house gives GPSG a home base and place to organize the opportunities and services that they offer to graduate students at Duke. Please click here for directions to the GPSG House.