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Leadership at Duke


Leadership is a contribution and leadership is alive and well at Duke University ... which is good because your world needs it. Your values and motivations influence how you show up, and how you show up informs how you interact with others to make things better. It'€™s your university€“ your community your world. Lead the way.

Leadership at Duke is guided by the Duke University Leadership Framework, a common way to talk about and practice leadership across experiences. Thus, if a student is involved in a myriad of opportunities, a common definition is being used to teach leadership across the Duke community. Our leadership definition and tenets were crafted to empower students to make a difference at Duke and beyond. Leadership learning opportunities are categorized in three phases, depending on where students are in the leadership experiences at Duke. 

Check out all leadership learning opportunities on campus sorted by connection to the Duke University Leadership Framework.


Programs that focus on Character individual and personal development

Undergraduate Conduct Board (E = Embarking)
Description: The UCB is a pool of students, faculty and staff who are selected to hear referred cases of potential violations of university policy.

Duke P.R.I.D.E. Training (E = Emerging, Establishing, Embarking)
Description: Learn more about the LGBTQA Community and learn how to show allyship and create a more accepting, inclusive and welcoming Duke Community. 

The Duke Authenticity Project (DAP) (E = Emerging)
Description: DAP challenges first-years to reflect on being authentic in all aspects of life, to trust their truth, and be real. Come join us.

International House Orientation Peer (IHOP) (E = Establishing)
Description: IHOPs welcome new international and visiting exchange students to campus and help facilitate the International Orientation.

Outdoor Adventures Leadership Development Program (E = Emerging)
Description: The Outdoor Adventures Leadership Training is designed to teach leadership skills through unique and inspiring wilderness experiences.

Housing and Residence Life Student Leadership Experiences (E = Establishing)
Description: Resident Assistants provide leadership within the residential communities, particularly with community development, student support, and policy enforcement.

Leadership Triangle: College Edition (E = Establishing)
Description: LT:CE fellows will develop personal leadership skills and learn about regional issues that impact communities throughout the Triangle.

Duke Chapel PathWays (E = Embarking)
Description: Duke Chapel PathWays helps students develop as leaders through study, counsel, service, artistic expression, and community engagement.

Party Monitor Training (E = Establishing)
Description: Increases your knowledge, confidence, and understanding of what it means to implement a safe event that perpetuates a culture of healthy fun. Part of the It's Your Move program.

Career Ambassador Team (CATs) (E = Embarking)
Description: CATs provide guidance to their peers, create campus and external partnerships, encourage reflection and exploration and provide resources.



Programs that focus on Collaboration€“ communicating and working together across difference

Women's Center Year Long Internship Program (E = Emerging, Establishing)
Description: Teaching students activism/advocacy for women through a social justice oriented lens.

Bass Connections at Duke (E = Emerging, Establishing, Embarking)
Description: Duke Recreation Council provides students the opportunity to collaboratively plan effective programming and wellness initiatives for the Duke community.

House Council- East Campus (E = Emerging)
Description: Each residence hall elects 8 officers to plan events and give voice to community concerns.  HC officers receive ongoing leadership training.

Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Student Leadership Symposium (E = Establishing)
Description: A three-day leadership learning opportunity to engage with peers from other ACC schools. Workshops, keynotes, and more!

Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life Leadership Academy (E = Embarking)
Description: Leadership Academy is an annual retreat for chapter presidents and council officers to engage in community building and tough conversations.

Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) (E = Establishing, Embarking)
Description: Change lives. Teach with passion. Join Duke TIP’s programs for gifted students in the US & abroad - the most fulfilling job you'll ever have!

Pre-Orientation Programs (E = Establishing)
Description: Pre-O Programs help students build community through outdoor adventure, service, and reflection before they come to Duke in the Fall.

Launch (E = Emerging, Establishing)
Description: LAUNCH enhances meaningful involvement and leadership development at Duke through peer-led involvement appointments, programs, and resources.

First-Year Advisory Counselor (FAC) (E = Emerging)
Description: FACs aid in the transition of incoming first-year students to college life in order to maximize their experience as a Duke student.

Jewish First-Year Advisory Mentorship (E = Establishing)
Description: Jewish upperclassmen server as mentors for incoming Jewish Freshmen. 

Alternative Fall Break- Exploring Immigration & Gender: Creating Connection and Changing Lives (E = Emerging)


Programs that focus on Community€“ connecting to a greater good

Baldwin Scholars Program (E = Emerging, Establishing, Embarking)
Description: A leadership program that inspires and supports Duke women to become engaged, confident and connected leaders in the Duke community and beyond.

Independent House Councils (E = Establishing, Embarking)
Description: IHCs on West & Central provide leadership opportunities & strive to enhance community & positively impact the student residential experience.

Alternative Breaks Program (E = Emerging)
Description: Immersive service experiences that occur during Fall and Spring breaks. Locations vary, but dedication to social action is always the same!

Duke Service-Learning (E=Emerging, Establishing, Embarking)
Description: Service-Learning links classroom learning with service to communities. This method of learning enhances and deepens our students' understanding of an academic discipline or subject, while providing them with experience that develops leadership and life skills and engages them in critical reflection about individual, institutional, and social ethics.

International House Orientation Peer for Graduate and Professional Students

LeaderShape (E = Establishing)
Description: Six day intensive experience held each August at the Marine Lab, focused on leading with integrity and a healthy disregard for the impossible.

Team Mary Lou Student Staff Year-Long Internship Program (E = Emerging, Establishing, Embarking)
Description: This is an in-depth experience that focuses on strengthening executive function and leadership skills by working in the cultural center.

Men's and Women's Gender Retreats (E = Emerging, Establishing)
Description: These single-sex retreats seek to explore the commonalities and challenges at the intersection of gender and race.

DukeEngage Academy Leaders (DEALs) (E = Establishing, Embarking)
Description: DEALs can continue to serve their DukeEngage program by co-facilitating sessions, providing logistical support, & sharing their experiences.

Global Engagement Program (E = Embarking)
Description: Involve in IHouse educational activities and receive training on cross-cultural awareness, communication, career and leadership development.

PACT Training (E = Emerging)
Description: Prevent. Act. Challenge. Teach. This program aims to engage everyone in preventing gender violence on Duke'€™s Campus. Part of the It'€™s Your Move program.