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The LeaderShape Institute: Duke Campus-Based Session



The LeaderShape Institute is a six-day intensive experience for rising sophomore, junior and senior students. It focuses on leading with integrity, solidifying a vision for a just, caring, thriving world and the importance of maintaining a healthy disregard for the impossible.

Interested In LeaderShape?

When is it?  March 10-15, 2019

Where is it? YMCA Camp Hanes in King, NC

How much does it cost? All LeaderShape expenses are covered, including transportation, food, and lodging during the week. 

Who can apply? All freshmen, sophomores, and junior students who will be enrolled at Duke during the Fall 2019 semester.

How do I apply?  The registration link is here. You will need to create an account before registering

Can I come a day late or leave a day early?
No. For liability purposes, everyone must travel to and from the retreat site as a group.

What do I need to bring to wear?  The weather is unpredictable over Spring Break, so before you pack check the forecast! Bring comfortable clothes, and don’t worry about dressing up because you will be doing activities all day. You will be staying in cabins, so you might want to remember shower shoes. The buildings are air-conditioned and tend to be a little chilly inside, so bring a sweater or sweatshirt. Other than that, this is not a formal retreat so bring whatever makes you most comfortable!

Do I need to bring lots of money? 
We may stop along the way as we travel as the drive is over 3 hours, but that is the only time you will need money. The whole trip is covered. Yay, for free things!

Are there special cancellation procedures if I cannot make the trip? 
You should do your absolute best to honor the commitment you made. However, if you have an emergency or uncontrollable circumstance, just let us know as soon as you can. We have other potential retreat attendees on the waiting list just itching to have your spot and we need to accommodate for them as soon as we can.

What is the food like?
Dining hall style. It's actually very delicious and there are vegetarian options. If you are vegan or gluten-free, we will have to make special arrangements so please make sure to let us know.

How long does it take to get there?
A little over 3 hours, by bus.

Do we have any free time or are we always doing stuff?
You will have some free time to play volleyball, soccer, basketball, kickball, etc. a few times throughout the trip. There'€™s also a bit of downtime around meal time, between each set of sessions, and late at night.
There is a dock for swimming, so you can bring a swimsuit if you'€™d like. 

What time do I need to be ready to leave?
We will have a very early morning departure on March 10th, so be packed and ready to leave on the 10th. More information to come soon.

Is there anything else I should bring?
If you have one, you should bring your own water bottle. A sweatshirt. And again, do not forget that you'll need to bring your own linen or sleeping bag, towel, and pillow.

Anything not answered here? Email with any questions!

Questions not answered in the FAQ section? Please email with any additional questions!