University Center Activities & Events (ucae)

Women in Leadership Events

PPGWLI also co-sponsors campus-wide programs and initiatives with the Baldwin Scholars, UCAE, and the Women’s Center. These women-in-leadership events are generally open to woman-identified students at Duke. These Learning Outcomes inform our events: 

  • Participants will gain exposure to women’s leadership issues as it relates to identity and culture.
  • Participants will develop personal and group efficacy in practicing leadership for positive change.
  • Participants will understand their leadership identity and use it to inform their practice.

Here are the tentative dates for the 2018-2019 PPGWLI Events. We look forward to seeing you there!

Writing Our Lives, co-sponsored by International House and the Women's Center
This day-long retreat with Jaki Shelton Green, 2018 NC Poet Laureate, will create space for meaningful conversations and self-discovery through creative writing exercises that focus on healing, growth, and change as female identified students from diverse backgrounds.











Feed Your Soul, co-sponsored by UCAE Student Involvement 
This overnight lock-in for female identified Leaders will foster pathways to positive self-care through food, art, spirituality and fitness.














Jean Fox O’Barr Distinguished Speaker Series, co-sponsored by The Baldwin Scholars
This year’s keynote speech features a leader in her field who will share her professional experiences on dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace.