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Women in Leadership Resources


Theme: Political leadership/Leadership thoughts
Women leaders need to stop fighting to prove that they deserve an apparent opportunity; they should go ahead and own it. When women move beyond that struggle and embrace the new mindset, they gain more confidence and inspiration.   

Theme: Rio Olympics/Women leaders in sports/Leadership traits
Written before the Rio Olympics, this article brings out 6 good reasons why Aly Raisman, two-time Olympic champion and captain of the Fierce Five, is such a good leader. 

Theme: Mentorship/Women mentees
Why is seeking a woman mentor important and how do you ensure mentoring success? Here are 8 simple tips for a successful mentor-mentee relationship. 

Theme: Leadership Traits/Global leaders
Studying the leadership stories of women leaders from various parts of the world, this article identifies similarities in their lives and thoughts that make them what they are today. 

Theme: Historic women leaders/Comic recognition
This article is about a cartoonist's comic recognition of 100 women from around the world that history has forgotten. Be sure to read up about each one and get ready to be inspired!