University Center Activities & Events (ucae)



Duke University policies are designed to help provide expectations about the use and access to variety of resources and privileges. In addition to the policies listed below, you may wish to refer to the complete Duke University Community Standard as wells as a full listing of Duke University Policies.

UCAE's Commitment to You

  1. Student organizations and their activities will be offered advisement, support, and the opportunity to conduct their business.  Student organizations will adhere to Duke University policies and procedures, as well as, all COVID guidelines.
  2. Student organizations and their activities include, but are not limited to: on and/or off campus meetings, activities and events, programs, and student and organization space.
  3. Providing in-person and virtual opportunities for student organizations to conduct business will be our priority.  The format, venue, and advisement for students and their organizations will be offered through a team approach and include: UCAE Student Engagement, Event Management, and Theater Operations and Technical Services.
  4. All major campus events, including dates, timelines, and formats will have to be reviewed and reconsidered given the new academic calendar, the additional demand for space by campus constituents, and to be in compliance with all COVID policies and procedures.


Your Commitment to Duke and the Greater Community

  1. All Student Organization leaders must complete the online registration process in DukeGroups ( and receive online approval status.
  2. This year, a newly created position, the Student Event Manager, has been created to insure the safety of all students and our entire community. 
  3. Complete all training modules, including training on COVID prevention.