University Center Activities & Events (ucae)


Duke University policies are designed to help provide expectations about the use and access to variety of resources and privilages. In addition to the policies listed below, you may wish to refer to the complete Duke University Community Standard as wells as a full listing of Duke University Policies.

A-Z Conduct Policy List

Follow this link to the list of the policies to which Duke undergraduates are held accountable. Note that students are also held accountable to abide by local, state, and federal law, as well as to any other official university policies, such as the Residence Life and Housing Services housing contract and space reservation rules outlined by Event Management.

Duke University policies are designed to help student organizations develop valuable organizational skills and to access a variety of resources. In addition to the policies listed below, you may wish to refer to the complete Duke University Information and Regulations Bulletin.

UCAE Banner Policy
Check with the UCAE Front Desk to inquire about reservable banner locations in UCAE spaces. 

Duke University Land Use Policy
The Duke University campus is designated as an educational space for the intellectual growth and enjoyment of its community members. The 

Duke University Land Use Policy 



outlines the appropriate use of University space and should be followed at all times. The 

Duke University Land Use Policy 



 supersedes in the event of any discrepancy between Duke University space policy. 

Sponsored Corporate Solicitation Policy
Please refer to the Sponsored Corporate Activities and Solicitation Policy for clarification on the role of outside businesses on campus. It is important to note that Duke University strongly adheres to its no solicitation guidelines.

Off-Campus Bank Accounts
Departments, student groups and organizations, or individual employees or faculty may not establish bank accounts using either the name or tax identification number of Duke University or the Duke University Health System.  Individuals with knowledge of, or reason to believe, that an unrecorded bank account has been established with the name or tax identification number of either entity should immediately report this information to Resource Administration or Treasury and Cash Management.

Student Organizations External Fundraising Guidelines
Student groups may, at times, engage in various forms of off-campus fundraising. Review this policy for details and instructions on obtaining approval of your fundraising activities.

Duke Student Government Policies
Duke Student Government (DSG) and its Student Organization Finance Committee (SOFC), in conjunction with the Office of Student Activities and Facilities, oversee student organizations at Duke. Visit DSG's website to review the SOFC bylaws and other pertinent documents.

Gambling & Raffles
According to the current Duke University Information and Regulations Bulletin, it is against North Carolina state law and Duke University policy to gamble. A person/organization is guilty of gambling if he/she/it operates, plays, or bets at any game of chance at which any money, property, or other thing of value is bet. The current version of the NC state law can be found in Section 3.(e) of the North Carolina State Lottery Act.

Student Organization Mail Policy
Refer to the Student Organization Mail Policy prior to arranging for deliveries of mail and packages.

Pickets, Protests & Demonstrations Policy
Duke University respects the right of all members of the academic community to explore and to discuss questions which interest them, to express opinions publicly and privately, and to join together to demonstrate their concern by orderly means. Read the complete policy.

Plaza Use Policy
This policy guides the appropriate use of the Plaza so that all may enjoy this space safely and peacefully.

Gifts, Prizes and Awards
Approval must be obtained from UCAE prior to the purchase of:

  • Any gift, prize, or award for a Duke University employee, student, or friend including monetary awards and non-monetary items;
  • Donations to not-for-profit organizations from events sponsored by student organizations.

It is strongly suggested that the value of any gift, prize, or award be kept under $100 due to tax purposes. The recipient of the gift, prize, or award must complete the prize winner form, which must then be signed by an UCAE member.

Tabling on the Plaza is an effective way to promote your organization's events and causes. Review the Tabling Policy for details.

Duke Trademark Licensing Policy
The Office of Trademark Licensing provides information, guidelines, and procedures related to the use of Duke's trademarks, in a manner that protects the integrity of the institution's trademarks and ensures such trademarks are used in an appropriate manner. All purchases from outside vendors must be done so with approved Duke University vendors, this includes any promotional item that is paid for with any Duke funds. 

Student Use of Personal Vehicles
If you drive your own car on organizational business, your own insurance policy (or parent’s, depending on who owns/insures the vehicle) serves as the coverage for third party liability and physical damage to your vehicle. The university’s insurance policies do not extend to provide protection. This is a potentially large responsibility; if you are not comfortable with it, consider making other transportation arrangements. Please see the section on transportation for suggestions on rental car companies and car services.

International Travel Policy
Whether part of a class or an organized student group activity, if travel abroad 1) uses University funds; 2) is sponsored by a University ‘group’ and/or 3) is to earn credit for a Duke degree, then the trip is governed by the Duke University International Travel Policy [hyperlink to:].  Duke maintains its own ‘Restricted Regions List’ which reflect areas of the world that are restricted by the University whether due to safety concerns or Federal Sanctions.  Students wishing to travel to an area on this list must first petition for a waiver of the University’s restriction.  All undergraduates traveling abroad must register their travel plans in the Duke Registry.  Student travelers should also print/carry the Duke-ISOS membership card found at and call their Alarm Centers in the event of an emergency abroad. 

Ticket Sales Tax Policy 
Effective, January 1, 2014, North Carolina sales tax of 7.5% will be charged on admission to entertainment activities in Durham County (effective rate is 6.75% in Carteret County). Entertainment activities are defined as any: live performance or event, motion picture or film, sporting event, museum, cultural site, garden, exhibit, show, guided tour, or any admission expense to view or watch an event for entertainment purposes.  Amenities, such as parking, access to services, or food, when included in the cost of a ticket are not taxable. A Duke event may be exempt from sales tax when attendance is limited to a closed group and education is the primary purpose of the event. 

Options to Student Groups for Tax Compliance

  • Preferred Method: Sell tickets through the Duke University Box Office.  Please contact the Box Office ( at least three weeks prior to the desired ticket on sale date.
  • Preferred Method: Collect admission via DukeCard Readers.  Contact the DukeCard office ( to request card readers prior to your event.
  • Deposit cash admissions with the UCAE Business Office.  7.5% of the total deposit will be taken out for taxes.

If your event is being held in a campus theater (Reynolds, Sheafer, and Baldwin), you are required to ticket through the University Box Office.  Please reach out to the Box Office to discuss ticketing at at least 3 weeks before your desired on sale date.

First Week of Classes and Student Events:
During the fall semester first week of classes, student organizations are not allowed to host events with alcohol.  Section parties are also not permitted.  Duke University is committed to providing a fun and alcohol free welcome week to all first year and returning students.  To this end, students and organizations are encouraged to participate in First Big Week programming.  

UCAE with campus partners is proud to announce the development of an online event registration system that will streamline the process of securing resources for events that meet the listed criteria.  This user-friendly tool located in DukeGroups will offer one location to house your event details as well as provide a consistent avenue for requesting services. 

Should your event details meet any of the following criteria, you must register it in DukeGroups no later than four (4) weeks prior to your event’s date. To begin using the system now, please visit and log in using your username and password.  Find your organization’s page and locate the “Events” on the left side of the page.  Next, click on “Create Event” in the top right corner and proceed to register.

If you have an event taking place that meets any of the following criteria, your event must be registered at least 4 weeks prior to the event date.

Estimated attendance of 100+
Alcohol present
Outdoor amplified sound
Guest Speaker
Political campaign events featuring political candidate for office and/or voter registration drives
Contracts involved and/or paid performer
Off-campus attendees and participants (includes minors)
Charging admission
Outdoor recreation events (5Ks, races, field days, etc.)

We encourage you to register your events as soon as you have an idea and have submitted a space request.  This will give you access to the full DukeGroups event planning tool, which is full of resources and suggestions to aid in the success of your event.  The information submitted through event registration is used to assist your organization with event planning and to ensure that your event adheres to all university policies. Duke University does not restrict any student organization activity based on political affiliation or ideology.

*Please note: if you are not the President or Treasurer of your organization, you will have to be listed as an “Event Planner” in DukeGroups to access those features. 

If you have any questions please contact 919-660-1760 or 

Located in the heart of Duke University’s West Campus, Campus Center is comprised of the following facilities and outdoor spaces: Bryan Center, Brodhead Center, Penn Pavilion, Flowers Building, Page Auditorium, the Bryan Center Plaza, Abele Quad, and the Student Wellness Center. The Campus Center is a main hub of activity for students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests and is designed to enhance the quality of student life, support a wide array of activities, and contribute to the University’s educational mission.  University Center Activities and Events (UCAE) is responsible for the daily oversight and management of the Center, as well as several other student activities spaces on Duke’s campuses.

Purpose of Policy
This policy is intended to regulate the orderly use of facilities and grounds by multiple stakeholders.  It includes specific procedures for reserving space and guidelines related to the use of such space.  These policies are not all-inclusive and do not limit the management team from making decisions or establishing additional policies based on unique needs and/or circumstances.

Facility Use - UCAE oversees and schedules a number of facilities and spaces that can be reserved by student organizations, university departments, and external customers. These spaces include traditional conference rooms, social spaces, theaters, auditoriums, and outdoor spaces.  The time required to reserve Campus Center spaces or cancel space reservations without penalty varies by venue. This information is found on the space reservations confirmation or UCAE venue contract. Due to the high demand, UCAE reserves the right to limit the number of standing reservations for student organizations and departments depending on space availability. Standing reservations are permitted for “meetings” and other events by special permission. Please note that a fund code is required to request the space even if the requested space is free of charge.

 Users of the Campus Center are expected to adhere to the following rules:

Alcohol - All sales must be made in accordance with North Carolina law. Users of the Campus Center agree to abide by and enforce the University policies regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages. All alcoholic beverage service arrangements for events in the Campus Center must be coordinated through Duke Dining Services and UCAE. Campus Center events held by undergraduates must use a Duke Dining approved bartender. During established operating hours, guests 21 years and over may purchase alcohol at The Devil’s Krafthouse, The Commons, and The Loop.  Alcohol purchased from these locations can only be consumed on the location premises. No BYOB events or casual use are allowed in the Campus Center without prior written approval from UCAE or the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Animals - Only service or therapy animals are permitted in the buildings. All animals on grounds or in buildings must be leashed. If organizations bring service/therapy dogs onto campus for events the dogs must come from an approved organization with insurance on file with UCAE. Please contact UCAE for the list of approved organizations. UCAE reserves the right to request the removal of any disruptive animal from the premises. 

Attendance Capacity – The maximum capacity for buildings and reserved spaces cannot be exceeded. Attendance capacity is at the discretion of UCAE staff.

Bake Sale and Fundraisers -  Items such as cookies, chips, doughnuts, cupcakes and brownies for distribution, sale, or resale must be individually pre-packaged in an appropriate container by the selling group or manufacturer prior to tabling. Pre-packaged items requiring temperature control (heating or cooling) are not permitted.

Banners – a limited amount of banner spaces are available in the Campus Center to promote university events, programs, and services. Banner reservations are for a period of one week. UCAE may extend the length of reservations based on space availability. Banner placement indoors may be regulated by specific venue rules and regulations, see venue agreement for more information.

Bicycles/Rollerblades/Scooters/Skateboards/Longboards/Motorized Vehicles - are prohibited from being used inside any campus center facilities. In addition, they may not be ridden near building entrances, on steps or walls (including Plaza stage and bridge). Motorized Vehicles (including Golf Carts and Gators) are not allowed on the Plaza.

Catered and Served Food - served meals or catered food must originate from vendors on the approved catering list generated by UCAE and Duke Dining. The caterers are approved because they meet and are in compliance with Duke University requirements for liability insurance and work from a Department of Health inspected facility. For a list of caterers visit:

The sale of food by non-Duke Dining entities is prohibited in Campus Center buildings.

Food Trucks

  1. Temporary Special Event Vending Locations – Departments and Duke Student Groups may request one food truck for a one-time-only special event. Departments and Duke Student Groups will fill out a request form through UCAE and then a location will be determined by UCAE (in conjunction with PTS and DDS).
  2. Food Truck Operators not on contract with Duke University Dining Services must complete a food truck application, which can be obtained from Once the application is completed it must be returned with all documents listed on the application to UCAE at  
  3. Noise – Food trucks are not permitted to emit music or other amplified sound unless pre-approved by UCAE.
  4. Alcohol Service – The sale of alcohol by all food truck vendors is strictly prohibited on campus.

Food in Meeting Rooms - Only a small set‐up (i.e. boxed lunches, coffee breaks, etc.) is allowed in meeting rooms. Served catering meals (i.e. buffet) are not allowed in meeting rooms.

Candles/Open Flames - Prior authorization for the use of candles or open flames must be obtained by UCAE in conjunction with OESO (Occupational and Environmental Safety and Office). The use of candles or open flames without proper authorization is prohibited. Violation of the Candle/Open Flame policy will result in damage fees, suspension of reservation privileges, and/or cancellation of the event.

Chalking is prohibited on any surface, including, but not limited to, sidewalks, archways, and benches.

Posters, Announcements, and Bulletin Boards
The following is a checklist of procedures with reference to the posting of notices on university bulletin boards, building doors, containers, light posts, trees, and sidewalks:

  • Posters/flyers must provide information regarding student activities, give information of an academic nature, make announcements pertinent to the business of the university, or supply information to members of the Duke community regarding available events, services, or products.
  • Advertising of alcohol and tobacco related events is prohibited.
  • Posters/flyers must state the name of the sponsoring organization, business, department, or person responsible.
  • As appropriate for the surface, staples, thumbtacks, magnets, masking tape, or transparent tape may be used to attach posters/flyers to approved bulletin boards or posting areas. The use of glue, nails, and duct tape or any other heavy-duty tape is prohibited.
  • Posters/flyers must never be attached to doors, windows, trashcans, entryways, exteriors of buildings, interior walls, stairway railings, floors, benches or ceilings, nor may they be placed on the windshields of parked automobiles or on sidewalks.
  • Posters/flyers may NOT be attached or affixed to any tree or utility pole.
  • Posters/flyers (and the fasteners used to attach them) must be removed within three days after the advertised event.
  • All posters/flyers may be periodically removed from bulletin boards as part of routine maintenance.

Cleaning and Trash Removal in Event Spaces - At the conclusion of all meetings and events, it is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization/department or customer to clean all rooms used including supplies, trash, food or other material used during the meeting or event. Event sponsors using approved caterers must inform caterers of these expectations.  If the caterer does not clean up after the event, the client must assume responsibility for the cleanup. Excessive cleanup charges may be applied post event if additional housekeeping services are required.

Collection Boxes – There are designated areas in the Campus Center complex that have been designated for collection box locations. Student organizations and departments wishing to collect items such as clothing, supplies, canned goods and books for donation to a charitable organization must receive approval from UCAE prior to setting up collection boxes. Collection Boxes may not be placed elsewhere in the Campus Center complex without prior written approval.

Digital Signage Use - University departments and registered student organizations may publicize upcoming events on the digital signs located throughout the Campus Center. This service is available exclusively to university departments or registered student organizations. The decision to post flyers is at the discretion of the sign manager. For more information about digital signage go to  

Evacuations, Shelter in Place, and Fire Alarms – Students, staff and visitors will be notified of an emergency or threat to safety by an alarm, the Campus Center staff or Duke Police. If necessary, the facility will be evacuated in a calm and orderly fashion. In case of an emergency, all persons are to remain in the designated assembly areas until they are instructed to return to normal operations.

Exhibits, Decorations, Table Tents, and Displays - Decorations to be used in any part of the Campus Center must be approved in advance by UCAE and must comply with safety and fire laws. All items must be removed at the conclusion of the event by the user. Any damages incurred due to the placement or removal of items is the responsibility of the renter. Table Tents are not allowed in the Campus Center facilities without approval from UCAE. Groups are subject to additional cleanup charges if deemed necessary.

Fire Lanes – Fire lanes in and around the campus center must remain clear at all times and are subject to University parking and transportation policies and procedures. 

General Liability - Any group or party using the Campus Center shall adhere to all university and campus center policies, guidelines, rules, as well as Local, State and Federal laws. Violations may result in loss of facility use privileges, referral to Student Conduct, Dean or Department Head or Duke Police. Any damage occurring during use of Campus Center facilities will be the responsibility of the group confirming the reservation. Non-University groups must procure, at their expense, a policy of commercial general liability in accordance with limits set by each venue rental agreement. A copy of the policy must be effective for the duration of the space use and received prior to use or space confirmation.

Key and Card Access –Key or card access for Penn Pavilion, Brodhead Rooms (Bolton Tower, Multi-purpose room 067 and 068) is not permitted by space users. Staff will be scheduled on site for all space access needs.

Theater and Auditorium access is not permitted by key or card access by space users. Staff will be scheduled on site for all space access needs.

Loading Dock Use – The purpose of the loading dock is for deliveries and loading/unloading of vehicles only. The loading dock is not a parking facility. Vehicles must be cleared within a 30-minute loading time and moved to a parking facility on campus. Extended loading and delivery must be coordinated in advance with space use. NO UNATTENDED VEHICLES LEFT RUNNING are allowed in the loading dock. It is the responsibility of the party receiving the delivery to make arrangements in advance to ensure that goods and merchandise are properly managed and removed from the dock area in a timely manner. UCAE is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Vehicles in violation will be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense.

Lost Property- UCAE is not responsible for lost of stolen items but will attempt to return items and property to its rightful owners. Items not claimed within 30 days will be turned over to the Duke Chapel fellowship for donation. The primary Lost and Found is located at the University Box Office and Visitor Information Desk, located on the upper level of the Bryan University Center, Room 104.  You may inquire about any lost or found item by visiting the office weekdays between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. or by calling 919-684-4444.

Movies/Public Viewing Licenses - In accordance with federal copyright laws, institutions, organizations, and individuals wishing to engage in non-home showings of videos, films and DVDs must secure licenses to do so, regardless of whether or not an admission or other fee is charged.

Moving Furniture - Furniture from common areas and lounges may not be moved into meeting rooms or vice versa. No furniture can be added or removed from the existing reservable spaces without approval and coordination with UCAE venue management. Exceptions may only be granted by Campus Center staff.

Noise and Amplified Sound - The use of amplified sound will follow relevant noise guidelines established by Student Affairs for events. Amplified sound use for outdoor spaces is limited to:

Monday through Thursday 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Friday 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Saturday 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 am.

Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

On the Bryan Center Plaza amplified sound is allowed between 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.  

All other times small amplified sound sources must be limited to an appropriate level as to not disturb the academic, residential, and clinical functions of the campus. UCAE has the right to require amplification systems to be turned down or off entirely if it is determined the sound level presents a disruption to services, students or other events. All outdoor events must comply with city and local noise ordinances. 

Amplified sound is not allowed inside Campus Center buildings unless prior approval by UCAE has been given. The suggested sound level is below 65 decibels, but UCAE has the discretion to determine whether the event is impacting normal operating procedures and/or other events.

Security, Supervision and Emergency Medical – UCAE in consultation with the Duke University Police Department may assign event security, EMS and/or administrative staffing for scheduled events if deemed appropriate to ensure the safety and well-being of all parties. The staffing costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

Smoking – Both indoor and outdoor event spaces within the Campus Center have been designated as “smoke free”. Effective July 1, 2020 smoking will not be permitted on campus.

Admissions, Tax Liability and Amusement Tax – UCAE will have complete and sole supervision of the creation, sale and distribution of all admission (ticketing, conference entry or other). Renter may not create, sell or issue tickets by other means, including third party websites or phone numbers – including but not limited to the use of PayPal, Venmo, and Eventbrite. UCAE is not responsible for any admission issued fraudulently by the Renter or third party. Failure to comply will result in charges and penalty.  All sales must comply with University regulations and use approved vendor sales solutions. Per NC HB#998, sales tax of 7.5% (Durham County) will be included in the face value of the ticket or admission price. Taxes collected by UCAE will be remitted via Duke Corporate Tax on a monthly basis.

Undergraduate Student Event Registration –

If you have an event taking place that meets any of the following criteria, your event must be registered on DukeGroups at least 4 weeks prior to the event date:

  • Estimated attendance of 100+
  • Alcohol present
  • Outdoor amplified sound
  • Guest Speaker
  • Political campaign events featuring political candidate for office and/or voter registration drives
  • Contracts involved and/or paid performer
  • Off-campus attendees and participants (includes minors)
  • Charging admission
  • Outdoor recreation events (5Ks, races, field days, etc.)

**Important Note Regarding Contracts**

Students MAY NOT sign rental agreements, contracts or payment authorizations for their organizations. If you have any questions regarding contracts or are looking to turn them in, visit the UCAE front desk on the 2nd floor of the Bryan Center.

Event Space Approval and Planning - After your space request is submitted, it will be reviewed, and you will be contacted by UCAE to discuss additional details within three to five business days. Approval and confirmation of space use may vary depending on the complexity of the space use request. Advancing of event technical information and artist riders may be required and event approval may take an extended amount of time.

Fronting and Transferring of Reservations- Departments and Student Organizations should not reserve space for events, which they are not directly sponsoring, present at and involved in the event planning.  Reservations are non-transferable. One sponsoring organization/department cannot transfer a reservation to another group. Instances of “fronting” or “transferring” can result in an adjustment of all related fees to the appropriate rate category and loss of future reservation privileges.

Inclement Weather-  Reservations may be cancelled due to natural disasters, severe weather (snow, hurricanes, etc.) resulting in campus closures. Rescheduling of these reservations will be given first priority of new reservations to assist in providing a successful event. Duke maintains sole and final discretion to cancel an event if conditions warrant. Should the event be cancelled, postponed or otherwise adversely impacted because of a force majeure event, Duke will use all reasonable efforts to work with client to reserve a venue and schedule the event at a later date. If the event is successfully rescheduled, there shall be no refunds for payments already received from the client. Any ticket or registration monies collected from the general public by Duke may be refunded at Duke’s discretion and/or honored at the rescheduled event. If the event is canceled, Duke will refund all patrons the amount paid for admission or attendance if money has been collected by a UCAE entity. The client is responsible for any incurred expense by Duke prior to the cancellation. Additional fees may be incurred as a result of a cancellation or reschedule of the event. All additional expenses incurred will be the sole responsibility of the client.

Right to Reassign and Cancel Reservation- UCAE reserves the right to assign, reassign, or terminate space for a meeting or event when circumstances demand.  Reasonable attempts will be made to accommodate the sponsoring organization, department, or client in finding alternate space.

Solicitation - Student organizations that wish to distribute materials, sell items, or solicit contributions during tabling must abide by the following guidelines:

  • Solicitation of monetary contributions must be articulated in a manner that makes it clear that any contribution is not to be considered tax deductible
  • Group members and sponsored parties must remain within 3ft. from the table while soliciting
  • Requiring payment for a chance to win a prize is considered a raffle and is prohibited by state law (N.C.G.S. §14-309.15) and University Policy

Space Confirmation – A confirmation document will be emailed to the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to read and adhere to the space confirmation instructions.  Certain events will require a signed venue contract.  Program commitments such as: contracts, advertisements, tickets, etc., should not be made prior to receipt of a confirmation from UCAE.

Tabling – Card tables are available for use by registered student organizations in the UCAE Administrative Office (Bryan Center 036) for information distribution, fundraising, and event promotion. Tables can be reserved online for ½ a day from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM or a full day from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Reservations must be submitted by 3:00 PM the day prior to tabling at Reserved tables will be placed on the plaza for the student organization and removed at the end of their reserved time.

Limited tables are available on a first come first serve basis for groups without a reservation. Tables can only be checked out by a member listed on the roster of the registered student organization and a fund code must be provided. Tabling hours on the Plaza and in the Bryan Center are from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Tabling is subject to cancellation on days with scheduled large-scale events on the Plaza and inside the Bryan Center. Organizations cannot bring their own table to participate in tabling.

Groups who wish to sponsor third party entities (businesses, non-profit organizations, political candidates, etc.) during tabling must register their tabling activity as an event in DukeGroups. Once approved, groups will be permitted to table with the third-party entity with a member from the student organization who must be present at all times during tabling. A sponsored third party’s activity must be in line with the student organization's mission and may not conflict with any campus, local, state, or federal policy or law.  A member of the student organization must accompany the sponsored third party for the entirety of their time on campus. Brand ambassadors (example: La Croix, Red Bull, Amazon) cannot sell or distribute items through tabling.

Additional rules and regulations regarding corporate solicitations, cash handling trademarks and licensing, voter registration, collecting of State of North Carolina taxes, food distribution, and use of amplified sound may apply. 

Duke Departments must contact UCAE to rent a table for tabling on the Plaza. Departments will be charged for the rental of tables and chairs.

Tents – Areas for tenting are limited and there are city codes that must be adhered. Any requests for tents must be made one (1) month in advance.

Multi-purpose Room/Meeting Room Cancellation/No Show- Registered student organizations and university departments that fail to cancel at least two (2) business days prior to the scheduled event will be charged a cancellation fee. Groups that do not show up at the reserved time will be charged a no-show fee. Departments or student groups that continually cancel or no-show may have their reservation privileges revoked. Written notice must be sent to the Conference and Event Services staff at least two (2) business days prior to the event (business days are Monday-Friday).

Event Space Cancellation/No Show – Registered student organizations and university departments that fail to cancel at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled event will be charged a cancellation fee. Groups that do not show up at the reserved time will be charged a no-show fee. Departments or student groups that continually cancel or no-show may have their reservation privileges revoked. Written notice must be sent to the Conference and Event Services staff at least thirty (30) days from the event (business days are Monday-Friday).

Theater Space Cancellation/No Show – If the user fails to pay any fee or other sum required to be paid by Renter when due, or otherwise fails to comply with any other provisions, UCAE may immediately terminate all rights of space use. Invoices or portions of invoices which are more than thirty (30) days past due shall be subject to late fees. If user cancels prior to ninety (90) days before the beginning of the event, the deposit may be refunded less any direct costs incurred for the event by the University. If cancellation occurs ninety (90) days to thirty-one (31) days before the beginning of the event, any deposit is non-refundable and the user will be responsible for any additional direct costs incurred for the event by the University.

Reservation Requests- Reservations for meeting rooms and special events can be requested by logging in to

  • Call 919-660-1750 with questions.

Event and Meeting A/V Services Support - Requests for any audiovisual equipment that is not standard for the individual meeting/event spaces being used must be placed a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance of the event. Requests made without advanced notice may not be honored.

Theater Space Reservations and Support- All theater reservations must be made at least five (5) weeks in advance. Venue support and equipment is available upon request or online at Space use must be scheduled in advance and staffing is required for all time in the space. Estimates are prepared upon request and after dates are confirmed.

Space Reservation Policies

Type of Room

Minimum Advanced Notice

Cancellation Policy 

Phone Number for Reservation Request

Email for Reservation Request

Multi-Purpose Rooms [Brodhead Center: Room 067, Room 068 and Bolton Family Tower Room; Wellness Center Room 48]

3 business days before the meeting/event

Must cancel 2 days in advance


Event Space [Penn Pavilion]

3 weeks before the event

Must cancel 30 days in advance



Outdoor/Tent Spaces [Bryan Center Plaza, Baldwin Quad, East Backyard Quad, East/West Duke Lawn

4 weeks before the event

Must cancel 2 days in advance



Theater Spaces [Reynolds, Sheafer Lab, Page, Baldwin]

5 weeks before the event

Must cancel 90 days in advance




 Important Information and Helpful Definitions

Parking near Campus Center - There is metered parking and a visitor parking garage adjacent to the Bryan Center and Duke Chapel. UCAE does not validate for parking. For additional information about parking on campus, please consult the Duke Parking and Transportation website:


  • “Academic Period” - The period between the first day of classes through the last day of classes, excluding periods designated as Fall Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break.
  • "Booking" - A reservation of a space
  • "External" Client – any group or user that is not a University department or a registered student Duke group.
  • “Event” - An event is a one-time occasion focused on a specific purpose.  These would include festivals, ceremonies, theatrical performance, outdoor concerts, fairs or other significant occasion in the life of a university.
  • “Event Space” – Indoor or outdoor space that are typically flexible in their use. These spaces often require time to successfully plan your program or activity and will often require logistical support such as table and chair set-up, tent installation and permitting, UCAE staffing, and/or audio-visual support.
  • “Meeting” - Meetings are one time or scheduled on a continuous basis with the purpose of conducting departmental or organization business. Meetings require minimal logistical support with duration less than four hours.
  • "Multi-purpose rooms" – Multi-purpose rooms have a standard setup that can be adjusted to fit the needs of an event/meeting.
  • “Meeting room” – is a space that is used for meeting. Meeting rooms have a standard setup.
  • “Summer Period” – The period between Spring Commencement and the opening of dorms for Fall Semester.