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Starting a Student Organization

Are you on the correct page? 

If you are interested in starting a new student organization congrats! You're in the right place, read on. If you're already involved with a student organization and would like support, click here. If you're searching for guidance on joining student organization, click here; and may the odds be ever in your favor! 

Looking to start a new group at Duke?

The Student Organization Finance Committee (SOFC) is the primary group on campus responsible for the recognition and funding of student groups. Be sure to visit SOFC and DSG for more information. Click here to review the 


1. Formulate a clear, unique purpose to your group
Be sure to check to make sure a similar organization does not already exist. It is extremely important to reach out to similar groups and see if your ideas truly overlap, as you will be asked these questions during your SOFC application meeting and are expected to know the answers. Lack of understanding of many similar groups often leads to no recognition until a clear distinction can be made

2. Apply through DukeGroups!
Register a new group through DukeGroups. First sign into, and then click on the tab that says "Organizations." Once you are there, you can find the tab to register a new group at the bottom left of the page. Please follow all instructions to register the new group. Once you have completed the registration, SOFC will receive an e-mail and will follow up with your group about the approval process.

3. Meet with LAUNCH
SOFC requires that all new groups meet with LAUNCH before coming in for a hearing. They will help you articulate the vision for your group and direct you on first steps to take. You will not be granted a hearing time slot without having met with LAUNCH first. Please visit to learn more and schedule a meeting.