University Center Activities & Events (ucae)

Study Break Guidelines

Student groups are not allowed to host events after the last day of classes each semester. This ensures a commitment to our academic partners as we support a quiet and studious environment during exams. However groups may host a Study Break. Study Breaks are intended to provide an alternative to events, but not pose a significant distraction to campus. 


What is a Study Break? 

A study break will comply with all of the following: 

1. The activity must be open only to group members

2. The activity must last no longer than 2 hours

3. The activity must not include any of the following criteria that would trigger event registration

  • alcohol present
  • events with 50 or more attendees
  • amplified sound used
  • outdoor recreation events
  • political events
  • off campus attendees present
  • ticket sales
  • contracts required

Appropriate Examples: Pizza Parties, Group Breakfasts, Regular Meetings, etc. 

Inappropriate Examples: DJ on the Plaza, Section Parties, Speakers and Special Guests, etc. ​​


The Study Break Quiz

If you are in doubt and unsure if you are hosting an event or a Study Break please answer the following questions: 

1. Is the activity open to those outside of your group's membership? 

2. Does the activity last for more than two hours? 

3. Is alcohol present at the activity? 

4. Are you expecting more than 50 attendees to participate in your activity? 

5. Will there be amplified sound during your activity? 

6. Is the activity considered outdoor recreation? 

7. Is the activity in any way political in nature? 

8. Will off campus attendees be present during the activity? 

9. Does the activity require ticket sales? 

10. Does the activity require a contract of any kind? 

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions you are hosting an event, not a Study Break. Events are not allowed after the last day of classes.