Women's Center

Women's Center


The Duke University Women's Center is dedicated to helping every woman at Duke become self-assured with a streetwise savvy that comes from actively engaging with the world. We welcome men and women alike who are committed to gender equity and social change.  Read more.

Gender Violence Services & Support to Students:

Need to speak to one of our confidential counselors?   

Click here and answer a few questions. Your request for assistance will be referred to one of our counselors (Sheila or April Autumn) and they will reply to you within 24 hours. If this is an emergency and you need immediate medical attention, you should call 911. If you do not hear from a counselor and you are concerned, you can call 919-970-2108. Be aware that this is a pager. Please listen to the instructions carefully. You will be directed to either input your return phone number so the counselor can call you back or you will be directed to call the counselor's cell phone directly and that number will be provided to you. We are here to help you!