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50 Years of Women at Duke

50 years of women at duke photo contest

The Class of 2022 will be the 50th class of Duke University to include women. After 50 years, what are the women of Duke doing? What do we look like? What is our legacy?

The Women’s Center 50 Years of Women at Duke Photo Contest is open to anyone on Duke’s campus. We hope to hear from many of you, as every experience is unique and insightful, and begin a conversation and celebration. 

In 1972, the Women’s College and Trinity College merged, forming Duke University. The graduating class become the first class at Duke University to include women and men. Nearly fifty years later, the world has changed. Many new opportunities are available, especially to women and women of color. Through this contest, we hope to hear from you about what it means to be a modern Duke woman. What challenges do we face? What progress have we made? Is there a space and community for female identified people here? 


Please email dukewomen50@duke.edu and include the following:

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Accepting submissions until MARCH 8TH
Email dukewomen50@duke.edu with any questions!