Women's Center

Alternative Fall Break


A Day in the Life of a STEMINIST: Bridging the Gender Gap in STEM

Only 4% of female students interested in pursing STEM were encouraged to do so by a mentor. - Million Women Mentors

Of 100 female bachelor students, 12 graduate with a STEM major but only 3 continue to work in STEM fields 10 years after graduation. The Duke Women’s Center aims to be a part of the vehicle that changes that statistic by helping female-identified students develop a vision of themselves as STEM professionals. Because you become what you see, the Alternative Fall Break, “A Day in the Life of a STEMINIST” encourages female-identified students to see themselves within various fields of STEM ranging from Math to Engineering to Computer Science. Students will get opportunities to connect with practitioners in the field while expanding their knowledge of the various STEM fields. This experience will enhance their understanding of the multiplicities of career paths available while helping them build authentic relationships with Duke Alumnae in the STEM fields.

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The trip will take place during October Fall Break 2018. 

Email womctr@duke.edu for more information on the upcoming Alternative Fall Break Trip.