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Duke Raise the Bar

logo reading Raise the Bar at Duke University

As an extension of Our VOICE's Bar Outreach Project, Duke Raise the Bar promotes awareness of Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA), creates safer spaces, and encourages community accountability. Volunteers are recruited and trained to conduct trainings with bar staff to provide information about DFSA and strategies for intervention.

Duke Raise the Bar aims to:

  • Promote an environment of safety in Durham bars and establishments selling alcohol.
  • Inform Durham bar staff and patrons about DFSA, date rape drugs, and local statistics, and the Duke Sexual Misconduct Policy. 

  • Create dialogue around alcohol impairment and sexual assault. 

  • Create safe plans in the event someone is drugged or overly intoxicated and therefore more 
susceptible to sexual assault. 

  • Identify a continuum of inappropriate gender violence behaviors and challenge common myths about gender violence.
  • Promote bystander intervention from bar staff.