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P.A.C.T. - Prevent. Act. Challenge. Teach.

Don't Stand By, Stand UP!

PACT is an interactive, student-facilitated training sponsored by the Women's Center that aims to engage everyone in preventing gender violence on Duke's

campus. PACT Training helps students identify situations of concern, and provides knowledge and tools to encourage safe and successful interventions.

Adapted from a training developed at the University of New Hampshire, PACT's goal is to reduce the incidence of sexual and relationship violence on campus by training participants to intervene in safe and creative ways, rather than standing aside as passive bystanders. The five-hour, interactive training is comprised of two sessions. The sessions are led by peer facilitators, who present Duke-specific scenarios, lead discussions, and help participants develop strategies for identifying and minimizing risk, as well as responding compassionately to victim-survivors of all forms of gender violence.

The Women's Center's prevention efforts call for taking a wider community approach rather than simply targeting individuals as potential perpetrators or victims. Although most of us in the University community will not be survivors nor perpetrators of sexual violence, each of us will certainly be a bystander or witness inappropriate behavior at some time.

Data collected since 2011 demonstrates that PACT training increases students' pro-social intervention behaviors, reduces their acceptance of common rape myths, and increases their confidence in being able to intervene with strangers and acquaintances as well as with friends.

PACT Topics:

  • Types of gender violence (sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, sexual harassment)
  • Meaning of consent (Only an enthusiastic yes means yes!)
  • Healthy, positive sexual communication
  • Consent and the use of alcohol and drugs
  • Rape culture
  • Common scenarios of concern
  • Building empathy for victims
  • Supporting victim-survivors after an incident of gender violence
  • Common perpetrator characteristics
  • Gender violence red flags
  • Practical and safe intervention techniques


OPEN P.A.C.T. Trainings (Open to any student, faculty, and/or staff.) Please continue to check locations, they may change.

  • P.A.C.T 1- 9/10/19 & 9/17/19 (Tuesdays)- 6-8:30pm- Location: Women's Center Classroom
  • P.A.C.T 2- 10/15/19 & 10/22/19 (Tuesdays)- 6:00-8:30pm- Location: Women's Center Classroom
  • P.A.C.T 3- 11/5/19 & 11/12/19 (Tuesdays)- 6-8:30pm- Location: Women's Center Classroom
  • P.A.C.T 4- 1/14/20 & 1/21/20 (Tuesdays)- 6-8:30pm- Location: Women's Center Classroom
  • P.A.C.T 5- 2/11/20 & 2/17/20 (Tuesdays)- 6-8:30pm- Location: Women's Center Classroom
  • P.A.C.T 6- 3/17/20 & 3/24/20 (Tuesdays)- 6-8:30pm- Location: Women's Center Classroom




PACTivist Program

PACTivisit logo

The Women's Center is expanding the impact of its traditional P.A.C.T. Program by empowering student participants to become PACTivists.  Now, students who successfully complete the five hour P.A.C.T. training will be empowered to promote a healthier campus culture as they take action against gender violence and serve as a resource for victim/survivors within their communities.  Specifically, PACTivists will champion the programming goals of P.A.C.T. in the following ways:

  • Informing students of gender violence and the prevalence of it.
  • Acting as a knowledgeable and helpful resource within the campus community, while advocating against gender violence.
  • Providing Duke University and community resources for gender violence.
  • Actively engaging in healthy dialogue about gender violence; specifically, rape culture and healthy masculinity.
  • Eradicating bystander apathy and providing the knowledge and tools necessary for successful intervention.
  • Acknowledging the importance of intersectionality and diverse narratives in the fight against gender violence.
  • Acknowledging the importance of addressing potentially dangerous and questionable behavior among peers, including the overconsumption of alcohol and drugs and situations potentially involving sexual assault.

This augmented activist component of P.A.C.T. extends the engagement of students who desire to unlearn harmful behavior and social stereotypes by equipping these to appropriately use the information and training they learned in every part of their lives.  The Women'€™s Center will begin including the PACTivist component in the all of its P.A.C.T. training sessions throughout the remainder of the academic year.

If you are interested in learning more about various gender violence prevention efforts at Duke, contact Krystal George - krystal.george@duke.edu

*If you or someone you know have experienced gender violence and would like to have a confidential conversation with a staff member from the Office of Gender Violence Prevention and Intervention, please email wchelp@duke.edu or call 919-684-3897 [After hours and on weekends, please call 919-886-6814]. All genders welcome. Visit https://studentaffairs.duke.edu/wc/gender-violence for more information on our response services for Duke students.