Women's Center

Signature Events


  • First Year Female Breakfast
  • Glow Flow Party:  This year we are taking over east campus with Zumba! Join us for dancing and glowing in the dark (around 8pm)! Free tanks! You don’t want to miss it! 


  • Join the Movement: Come and find out how you can join the movement and be a part of the Women’s Center work throughout the year.  There will be free food and giveaways!


  • African Women's Dinner: An event focused on African women to provide resources on gender equity and sexual assault while creating space where female identifying African students have an opportunity to build a safe, educated and supportive community.
  • Women's Center Slumber Party: For more information, click here.


  • STEMixer: STEMixer is all about bringing female-identified STEM faculty, or as we at the Women's Center, like to say- Steminists, and female-identified Steminist students together for community building as well as empowerment in an effort to support and encourage continued success in such an atmosphere that is male-dominated. STEMixer strives to bring female identified students and faculty together to share stories, gain advice and simply share space to be affirmed


  • Feminist/Womanist Month


  • Reproductive Justice Conference 
  • WomC Awards and Day Party