Women's Center

Resources for Women

Resources for Women

Browse through our collection of books and magazines on feminism, identity, and gender. The Women's Center offers a broad range of feminist books, films and other publications, which enhance the programming efforts of the center and introduce students to feminist analysis, alternative discourses and current trends in feminist scholarship. The collection is not intended to be exhaustive but rather to provide a dynamic overview of feminist thought from the seminal works and current discourses to a sampling of feminist fiction and film. Check out Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Naomi Wolfe, Catherine MacKinnon, Ariel Levy, Michael Kimmel and many more.

The collection includes books in the following areas:

  • Biographies of Women
  • Feminist and Womanist Classics
  • Feminist Critiques of Contemporary Culture
  • Feminist Fiction
  • Gender Violence
  • Masculinity
  • Organizing & Activism
  • Personal Development and Health Resources

The complete collection may be searched online.

Magazines and Journals
The collection includes popular magazines, such as Ms., Bitch, and Essence, and professional journals and bulletins, including the Sexual Assault Report and the Campus Safety and Student Development. The most recent month's periodicals are scattered throughout the Upper Lounge for immediate use in the center. Back issues of the current year are stored on the Resource Collection shelves and may be viewed in the center only.

Films may be viewed in the center or reserved by staff, faculty, or student group for presentation in a class or for an event. A complete list of the DVDs available may be

downloaded here

Women's Center Publications
Women's Center students and staff produce or have produced several publications. Online and paper copies of these publications are available.

Saturday Night
Saturday Night is a compilation of survivor accounts and viewpoints to incorporate the realities of sexual assault into the public narrative at Duke. Through the intimate voice and viewpoint of a survivor, all who read the publication will be moved to add their voice to the collective call demanding change.