Duke Student Wellness

About the Student Wellness Center

Take control of your wellness.


The Student Wellness Center, located in the heart of Campus Center, opened its doors in January of 2017. Thoughtfully designed to deliver a broad approach to wellness in an integrated manner that supports our students holistically, the Center represents the first time in Duke’s history that all student wellness units have shared the same location.

The new facility will directly assist us in our efforts to redefine success through wellness. From the first moment you walk through the doors you are welcomed by natural light and greeted with a state-of-the-art space that reflects our desire to help your student flourish. Through our educational efforts about self-care, by addressing health needs, and by providing students the opportunity to be an active participant in their wellness, we will put wellness at the center of performance and success.

Finally, the true strength of our wellness efforts are found in the world-class providers and professionals that fill the building.

We believe performing academically, socially, and physically should never come at the expense of your broader wellness. Stop by and learn how you can pursue wellness and flourish on campus, and beyond.